Nvidia to release GP106 & GP104 Dedicated Mining Only GPUs Soon GTX1060 GTX1070 GTX1080

Is it worth waiting for these GPU's to be released, or just use current GPU's to build?

Any eta from OP on release dates? @cryptomined


I heard there is only going to be a 90 day warranty. On top of that the resale value won't even be close to a typical GPU used in gaming. Hell I can sell back every AMD card I have bought this year for more than I paid for it. Unless it's >40% cost per sol cheaper I won't bother.

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These are going to have to be really cheap and produce strong Sol/s numbers to take the warranty risk. They're also supposed to be underclocked which might be good for power efficiency but could be uneconomical in terms of cards per motherboard. Plus, the inability to resell as a general graphics card for gaming is a big detractor. I'm skeptical about these cards, but we'll have to wait and see how they perform.

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thanks for the video and the translations! 150 usd sounds good. interesting to hear that they might do 30mhs on ethereum, that's more than the 1060 itself does, so it's not just a stripped copy of the 1060 i guess.

yup we will have to wait and see, i I get some of those, might have to design a special frame for them due to them not having any fans.

How did you hook up GPUs to rack? Can you send closer pictures in the email. getur.srikanth@gmail.com

Any news about the release date?

I think they come out around June 25th. Placed a pre-order for 30 pieces of the gigabyte version, so just waiting.

wait, where are they available for preorder???!!

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What price did you pre order them At?

actually the price is not finalized, seems like I just put a deposit down more or less

Where can you pre-order?

what i find strange is that they chose the 1060 and 1080 models, and not the 1070. if i would need to choose for an existing nvidia card now, i would go for the 1070. 1060 is too low, 1080 is too expensive for what it's producing.

Nvidia always saves the best til last.. they're probably trying to get the 1060 and 1080 more in line with the 1070, and then the 1070 will get its own mining version which will blow those two away like it does now.

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the 1070 and 1080 are both based on gp104.. there will only be one gp104 mining card (though that one will get sold through different manufacturers with I suppose different heatsinks?). an dim guessing closer to preformance of a 1080 than a 1070.. but have to wait and see what they do.

Intresting. Can’t wait to see them in your Testvideo. Are you listing them in your store? Would be nice to get one.

well the price on my pre-order is not final. seems like vendors want to wait and see how much GPUs go up in price before they get them to finalize prices... so I dont know if I will take all the pieces I preordered, will depend on price.

prices already went up 100$ on the pre order listing price... so not sure what the final price will be.. less than the listed price, or near that - its getting expensive.....

So @cryptomined can we make preorders to you?

They are poping up for sale now, I have been able to buy colorful and MSI. I bought 12 MSI and it will ship out to me tonight so hopefully in a couple days I will have them in hand. They are selling very fast as prices for all GPUs here are crazy now... so these sellers are making use of that to the best of their ability.

I can get them for people if people send me money to buy them. but they are VERY VERY expensive... PM me if interested.