Ok Trezor, Do something!

I have my Trezor. I have initialized it. I have my pin. I am ready to send coins to it. The web site to send from is open. Plug in my Trezor and it displays: My Trezor. Press the two buttons, nothing.
Open Windows task manager and Trezordexe is running.
I am running Windows 10 and Chrome browser.
What must I do to get the Trezor to do something?

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You might have better luck getting help on trezor.reddit.com

btw Do you have another computer with a different OS - even an older version of Windows?

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I do not have another operating system. I bought the Trezor via Windows 10 and Chrome. Windows is just the most popular OS in the world. I do expect that it work.
I thought this was a forum for exactly this type of questions.
I presume I should look elsewhere.
Thank you for your time.

Have you followed the instructions here: https://doc.satoshilabs.com/trezor-user/settingup.html

This is a Zcash forum so of course you are going to get a more detailed response from either the vendor’s support site or their dedicated communities such as the subreddit linked to above.

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How was it so far? Same impression here that it should work well with Windows 10.