Lost 12k usd,trezor zcash

Good, a consultation to the community

There is way to recover 46 zcash, from the trezor wallet.
My trezor was formatted and did not save the seed of recovery. Still appears in my grome window

Disconnected device
46.10183 ZEC

If the Trezor doesn’t contain the right seed value it won’t be able to sign transactions. If you have no record of that seed, the kind of methods that might be able to recover it (some kind of forensic process involving an electron microscope) would also probably require that you set that Trezor aside and don’t use it until those ZEC are valuable enough to justify the expense. You might like to see what people at reddit.com/r/trezor have to say.

That doesn’t sound like a feasible option. Unfortunately, the coins are likely lost forever. Always follow Trezor’s instructions and write down the backup seed!

Inspect the TREZORs memory with an electron microscope
You might imagine yourself dissolving the TREZOR CPU in acid, finding the reprogramming fuse, repairing it, and then loading evil firmware on the TREZOR. I’m no science fiction author, but my guess is – this might be possible. However, the Cortex M3 is a sensitive multilayer chip. The components inside are much smaller than those fake eBay amps. Chances are, all you’d end up doing is destroying the chip. Even if you succeeded in doing so, this will be a costly and time-consuming task. In the end, the bitcoins will be gone already because the original owner will have changed their recovery seed upon discovering that their TREZOR was stolen.

When I arrived trezor,
1.configure and save my 24 word seed.
2. I spent a few days I wanted to enter my wallet, I forgot my pin code
3 as I did not remember clearly and the system was going to slow down the retry, I proceeded to recover my seed (as if verifying that it serves the seed)
4. to give in recover came an invalid seed error and when I give CONTINUE, I automatically generate another new wallet, with new seed q do not save (because the one that interested me was the first one.
5.to finish showing the 24 words and create the wallet, I realized it was not my initial wallet and disconnect trezor to start the process again. And showed me a message in the browser, I gave OK (at this time the seedless wallet is saved in the browser)
6.procedo to recover again with my seed and finish the process correctly. I found it strange to always show me 2 zcahs addresses at the same time (but I said if that shows why they are mine and they are safe)
7. I always connect trezor first and then there will be your web. And send 46 zec to the first address above.
8. another day I try to withdraw, but at the moment of sending shows me. CONNECT YOUR DEVICE "and when I look good, one wallet shows connected and the other NO.
This is what is happening to me, all this money. It is not money of traiding, it is money of my work in my country, I buy trezor to have them but safe

I’d contact the Trezor team and ask for help.

I already did yesterday, sent an image with the error to your email and there will also be a topic in your forum

Trezor’s web wallet interface isn’t bullet-proof. I’m in the habit of starting either firefox or chome in incognito mode before accessing Trezor’s web wallet. Then if / when things get flaky, shut down the browser and restart. Just closing the tab isn’t enough. The point of using incognito mode is that cookies don’t persist between sessions - and I’m pretty sure that the inconsistent behaviour I’ve noticed is due to cookie retention within a single session.

Your money gone without the seed as you did not save it that is the end of it, browser means nothing no private key or BIP39 seed not funds…bad mistake on your part with that amount of money

@vendo_max Contact Dave Jones from the EEVBlog. He has access to gadgets like an electron microscope… maybe you can work something out with him.

Thank you for taking the time to respond, I’ll ask you

Thx, if I had done this, I would never have lost my money

The problem is that TREZOR, has the option to keep your wallet easily. A user like me, new and rather naive I do not realize this problem.
This would never have happened if trezor, tubiera the option, SAVE wallet IN THE BROWSER, in options ADVANCED.
I bought TREZOR, (110 USD) because it is the most ancient wallet, therefore, I mistakenly believed that I understood very well the novice and naive users, for having years in the market. But that is not so. Well I already learned (losing 12k usd)

You better not pay now for the forensic recovery. Better to buy more zec now and pay someone later to recover. Otherwise the recovery attempt will be very expensive, even if successful.

Did you wipe your Trezor and start over? If not, this might be a way to recover that seed phrase. Trezor — security glitches reveal your private keys! | by Doshay Zero404Cool | Medium Frozen Trezor — Data Remanence Attacks! | by Doshay Zero404Cool | Medium