Omg check out the calculators! $20 per gtx 1080? how?

Hello, every mining calculator website says I can make $20 a day with my 1080? How? The difficulty isn’t different, the price is the same. What’s happening? Pls explain.

I just gave What to Mine a look and currently it says highest daily revenue for a single 1080 card came back at $3.45 for Nicehash-Equihash followed by $3.38 for Zcash and $3.33 for Zclassic.

Crypto compare says $20. A few others say that too. I’ll check out whattomine.

you have something plugged in incorrectly

I don’t think so. It does sound too good to be true though.

It shows the same profit on my other device.

something is happening to global hashrate… its veeeery low for some strange reason…

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on whattomine and zcash explorer it show around 61’000 Ksols… what upppp? some wrong calculation in the api where everyone grabs the data?

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OMG this is just crazy lol.