Your NOT so daily 1080TI profit report

Thought I would try a nice daily post on the profit from the current top card the GTX 1080ti.

Assuming you are overclocking and getting 750 sol/s on DSTM. The card is using 250 watts. And are paying a 1% pool fee and 2% Dev fee. Also paying a low rate of 12 cents per kilowatt hr.

Today : $1.30us profit

I thought you were going to just buy coins outright, per your own advice in another thread?

I think this is more of a if you already have a 1080ti this is what you are making with it today kind of post. Along with reinforcing the buy do not mine recent posts.

Not sure where the $1.30 came from as it is a bit low, I am making $1.48 with a Amd R9 Fury (on NH). My rough estimate from a 1080ti production card (not using NH) is (on 03/16/18) is $2.38 a day

Yes this is just an example. One because I was watching a guy on YouTube that does a daily minining update, and 2 because there seem to be a lot of new people interested in mining despite the fall in prices. That and there seems to be a influx of people trying to sell cards at super high prices on these forums. People should have an idea what to expect.

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Cryptocompare bounces around a lot. But they could just be adjusting for difficulty daily as well. Today with the price at $239(vs 238 yesterday) I get a daily profit of : $1.48

You have power cost built into yours, which is part of the $$ difference between yours and my per day difference

Yes as most people have to pay for power, so I include it in the example

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Wow it’s gaining!! Zec difficulty must have dropped price is up to 246 from 238 from original post. Profit up to $1.60 a day. Just shows how volatile the difficulty is.

just goes to show you that everyone is different, I am part of the 1% that doesn’t so I never factor power costs.

That and different regions pay different pricing for power is another reason why I usually do not quote the per day price with power included.

I figure that 12 cents power cost will cover the majority of miners

Wow!! Profit is down to only 93 cents per day!!!

It’s now back up to $1.16 despite $236 price. Just goes to show you even within a 24hr period the difficulty changes so drastically. Interesting info. Definitely if you are mining it’s a probably a good time just to hold.

Well I guess a lot of people have stopped mining zec. Price is at a new recent low in the $220 range but profit is back up to $1.38 for the 1080ti

Price keeps falling. $217 difficulty must be dropping a bit as well current profit per day $1.16

Just another day in China. 200 1080Tis shipped.

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What kinda janky crap is that?! Trash all the floor, wheres those hairnets?!

Wow. Nice if they were able to cut a deal to buy say 600 us a piece. Or are they Chinese knockoffs?

Ouch profit down to $0.88 Yes 88 cents per day for a 1080ti!!!

A current ROI for a 1000us card is only 1100 days. Now this is subject to change hour by hour, day by day. Still buying any card right now is insane. I have my buy orders in for zec in the 100’s. Been lowering it as it breaks levels. Also a bit nervous that btc s still holding well compared to the Alt coins. I don’t think 150 to 170 zec is out of the question. Now at 210

I hope for a 150 level… Should force some more to quit mining which will reduce difficulty even more. At the same time I have sold a lot ZEC because i bet on lower prices so I can buy “more” ZEC the more the price drops. Of course hoping for a later upward trend.