On-chain transaction not showing up in Zecwallet lite

Hi there!

Did some testing post NU5 upgrade and submitted some ZEC to my wallet.

Tx #1 to a shielded address worked (shows up in my wallet)
Tx #2 to a transparent address doesnt show up in my wallet => Accounts - Zchain

What am i doing wrong?

ZWL doesn’t work with the upgrade. Hopefully there will be an update soon.

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Transacting now supports a ‘privacyPolicy’ optional statement. The default setting supports shielded and deshielding txs but not transparent sends without setting the flag. This also forces you (from what I can tell) to manually set the minconf and fee and theres probably more to it with the particular zecwallet functionality too idk

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This wallet is so annoying

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ZWL has been updated. Sending and receiving is working for me now. The price-related features are broken but should be fixed very soon thanks to @adityapk00, @zancas and others in zingolabs. I’m starting to get involved with zecwallet-lite too since I really like it. I don’t expect it to die :wink:


Sending is not working for me. Similarly can’t view my balance.

Just download ywallet or nighthawk. It will help.