Transparent ZEC disappearing during transaction to shielded

For example, lets say I currently have 10 shielded zec and 5 transparent zec. I can see this info on the dashboard tab.

If I send 1 transparent zec to a shielded address, all 5 transparent zec disappear.


and then my shielded jumps to 15. what’s going on there?

Auto-shielding is a default feature employed by Zecwallet

cool, but there some be some message or better UX for that process

It doesnt autoshield if I send t-ZEC from an exchange to my t-ZEC wallet.

The feature will execute when you make an outgoing/send tx of any kind from the wallet and hold transparent zec. And I agree that should be more visible, it throws a lot of users for a loop. After Halo and “shielded by default” you can probably expect more of it.


From the 4.7.0 release blog

  • A new string parameter, privacyPolicy , has been added to the list of arguments accepted by z_sendmany . This parameter enables the caller to control what kind of information they permit zcashd to reveal on-chain when creating the transaction. If the transaction can only be created by revealing more information than the given strategy permits, z_sendmany will return an error. The parameter defaults to LegacyCompat , which applies the most restrictive strategy FullPrivacy when a Unified Address is present as the sender or a recipient, and otherwise preserves existing behavior (which corresponds to the AllowFullyTransparent policy). In cases where it is possible to do so without revealing additional information, and where it is permitted by the privacy policy, the wallet will now opportunistically shield funds to the most current pool.