One wallet - Multiple addresses

If I’m running a zcash node and I have a wallet with 1 ZEC and have generated multiple addresses, then:
[Question A] On the blockchain available online, will all of those addresses reflect a balance of 1 ZEC?
[Question B] Can any of the address send out that 1 ZEC?
[Question C] If any of those addresses receive 1 ZEC can it be again used by any of the addresses to send it out?

These are very basic questions about BTC/blockchain I believe. Pardon my ‘noobness’ :smiley:


Hi @noobie-boobie

So, you can generate infinity Z addresses but only ones that you send funds to will be able to send out. Change from the transaction will be returned to the same address it was sent from.

Only T-address balances can be looked up online on a block explorer and only if they have a balance greater than Zero. Z-addresses cannot be looked up online because they are private.

If you are using T-addresses then the story is a little different (because of change). Your Zcash wallet automatically has a keypool of 100 T-addresses. When you send from a T-addresses that has a balance it sends all the funds from that address and returns the change (amount not spent) to another address in your wallet. This behavior is inherited from Bitcoin.

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Still unclear. Do you mean I can generate maximum of 100 T-addresses?
If I send ZEC to T-Address1 can it be used by T-address2? I am guessing the wallet file is the same.