Online Zcash ZEC wallet Cryptonator

We have just added Zcash ZEC support to the Cryptonator online wallet at

Yet just deposit/withdrawals without instant exchange due to the exchange rates fluctuations.

Minimum incoming/outgoing transaction 0.0001 ZEC
12 confirmations required for deposit.

Hope it helps!

You have a typo in your URL. It should be



Instant Zcash ZEC exchange is now available inside Cryptonator accounts

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hi guys,
I am using cryptonator as my online wallet and exchanged some zcash into Euro to cover my electricity costs. so i wanted to transfer 21€ via SEPA to my bank account but after 3 days still nothing received on my bank account.
Somebody with similar problems or maybe some advice?
I already contacted Cryptonator support but got no feedback so far.

There were holidays in Germany and as we use local bank to process SEPA withdrawals they were slightly delayed. You should have already received your payment by now.

thanks for your answer!
yes I got my money yesteday. :+1:


I started mining ZEC two days ago with the 1420soll , my wallet adress from cryptonator is correctly inserted in the miner but I still have 0ZEC in the wallet.
Is there any option to adjust some details view or should I wait specific period of time to get update on the wallet?
Please specify , thank you in advance.

Please reach out to our