Has anyone else had issues like this with cryptonator?

Sent over some coin last night to cryptonator for conversion so i could cash out a little bit… 330+ confirmations still no coin showing up in my account… Once and if Zcash makes it to coinbase i will never use this site again…


Yes people have been posting about issues with cryptonator site for over a weeks

here is one of the links

This is honestly kinda ridiculous if something has that many confirmations it should show up… I was staring to think i may have not paid a high enough fee (0.0001 default fee in zcash4win) i just want zcash to make it to coinbase so i can cut converting to another coin out of the mix because they price gouge on conversion… The last time i converted through them i lost over 20 dollars right off the bat…

best advice, open a ticket with them.

Good luck

Thank you i have done so just awaiting a reply from them which i know i prob will not get today…

That’s my topic.

January 13 |

Yes people have been posting about issues with cryptonator site for over a weeks

here is one of the links

My ZEC sent from JAXX still not showing on my CRYPTONATOR wallet Support
I sent all my zec from jaxx 3 days ago to my cryptonator wallet. I still haven’t received it yet. [zec]

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They posted on twitter that they were experiencing ZEC deposit delays they said… up to 12 - 24 hours after blockchain confirmation… Im well over the 24 hour mark still nothing in my account…

They posted the following on Twitter about 21 hours ago…
“We are experiencing delays in processing some ZEC deposits, which might take up to 12-24 hours to post on your balance after the blockchain confirmation. Working to resolve the issue.”
Well its been 48 hours with close to 1000 confirmations and still nothing showing up in my account… I’m just using my bittrex account from here on out this is just rediculous… Plus they never respond to any email support ticket you open with them…

Edit: after about 50 hours and over 1000 confirmations later it finally showed up…

lucky for you, 50 hours. mine is 10 days still nothing.

have you opened a ticket with them?