Best wallet for Zcash

Hello guys
Can you recommend the best wallet for zcash? Currently i am using bitfinex. I like its interface and kinda got use to it. But problem is i cant transfer money directly to my bank account or cant cash it.only way is to sell it and buy bitcoin then transfer it and then cash it.but this is too much headache .

I think cryptonator let’s you convert your zec to USD.

I haven`t heard of direct way ZEC to FIAT money bank acount, but if somebody knows more, please do share.
Thank you.

Cryptonator in EUR with SEPA transfert :slight_smile:

I use Zcash4win then when i need to cash out i transfer to cryptonator… But recently cryptonator has been having zcash deposit issues… I’ve been missing 4 deposits for going on 4 days now…

Thanx for the info

The only way to have it all done Automatically is to Run Nicehash and use a Wallet Like LUNO that you can withdraw your BTC straight into your bank account,

I mine Zcash to Cryptonator to Convert to BTC and transfer to LUNO and then Withdraw


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Im guessing this hasn’t revsolved for you yet? I can’t see my deposit showing up at Cryptonator also, not even pending. Usually takes less than 30min. There’s nothing on their twitter account also, about having transaction difficulties.

Can someone link me to any documentation on how to exchange zcash for usd and moving it to a paypal account?

Thanks in advance!

Why is no one exchanging with ripple before bank withdrawl?
Ripple should be the best crypto for bank transfer, right? Like the one with less fee %, no?