Anyone else having issues with cryptonator?

Yesterday morning around 10 or 11am i used cryptonator to convert some of my ZEC into BTC in order to send to my coinbase so i could cash out a small amount… Well it still does not have one confirmation on it… Its an unconfirmed transaction but it’s listed as a spent output… If anyone has had anything like this happen to them what do i do? are those coins i sent lost,stuck? If anyone could help that’d be greatly appreciated… Here is the TX in question if it helps… c3417da92d24fe29471431df1e5abc6d9a0b3548cd0a22bd7a636c56af7543a2

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Have you logged a support ticket with them?

I’m also using Cryptonator but have not tried to convert yet to BTC

Hope you come right, or this will be worrying!


I finally got one of the transactions early this morning while i was asleep… The original first TX however is still stuck in confirmation… Hoping that shows up at some point today… I’ve Pulled all my ZEC from they’re site and prob will not use it again… Problem is they don’t set a high enough fee so that’s why confirmation takes so long…

Hi Hannibal - I hate to threadjack, but the other thread has told me that I’ve “posted too many replies” on that thread and I can post no more. It does relate to the same issue mentioned here, however, so it shouldn’t be so bad to continue the conversation here, I guess. You asked if I had checked the transaction on different explorers -
Here’s one transaction:
Currently up to 300+ confirmations, and still isn’t showing up in Cryptonator.
Here’s the same transaction on
I’m glad I only dropped in a few as a test, but this still really bothers me - I know support says it can take up to two days to get a response, but they should have some elevated status for “missing ZEC” ;-).

When i clicked on that first link you can see that it lists the first 3.28 zec as spent and the other amount as unspent… I had this issue with a bitcoin transaction once… it took days to actually show up in my account…

Well spotted! It actually seems that cryptonator may be having an issue with ZEC - I got a response that they had to manually add it, and to their word, they did. I don’t get the warm-and-fuzzies from them, but all my transactions for ZEC have now ended up there successfully. I’m going to convert some (I run a small ZEC mining-farm) and see how that goes. Be well, and thanks again.

you’re welcome… Thankfully everything I’ve been sending there today has been showing up without issues… At least you got a response out of them i never even got that… I just got help and reassurance from people here on these forums…