[Opinion] Zcash is the worse cryptocurrency from top 100 capitalization

Well, it’s hard times for crypto now but such coins are the first in a row to be potentially winning

Zcash needs improvement. Zcash has optional anonymity and privacy features, that is crucial for cryptocurrencies, but that is not enough to be among the best coins


What’s enough in your opinion?

So, what should be done to be enough?

We need patience, the hash rate of Zcash is growing rapidly.

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Mobile wallets, more tools for merchants to accept Zcash easily, Sapling viewing keys, and multisig. Off the top of my head.


Absolutely right! We see how rapidly the power of the network is increasing and this will undoubtedly put pressure on the supply side, making the coin more “expensive” for sellers (miners). But this is not enough to simply expect success. As for demand, more steps are needed to popularize the coin. I would like to accept Zcash for payment at my points of sale of goods and services, but unfortunately I still can’t do it officially in Russia without violating a law. I’m sure that this is a matter of time.


OK, I got it

Exactly! I would only add the Zcash also should be more popularized among users

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What improvements are you talking about?

Okay, now I got it! Thanks guys.

It was in the past. Many coins suffered such a crash. Now the market is growing again and zcash will show good results.