[Opinion] Zcash is the worse cryptocurrency from top 100 capitalization

Hello zcash community. Sorry for my English,but I can not endure this situation.Today zcash price has reached a historic low and now is 0.0143 BTC. This is the worst result of top 100 capitalization cryptocurrencies. This is a terrible result for more than 2 years of coin development.Even Dogecoin which does not carry technology and was created for fun shows the best stability on the market.
From the latest news, developers do not want to completely stop ASIC mining. Thus, we are doomed to further inflation of the coin. Why developers kill the once beautiful coin?


The (high) inflation stays the same regardless if it’s mined entirely by ASICs or GPUs. You can know more about the supply schedule here: Funding, Incentives, and Governance - Electric Coin Company


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Just go short buddy.

It still stays the same Ƀ0.0141

Unfortunately, today the bad trend holds 0,0136 BTC

Fundamentals are solid as always. Not to get all conspiracy theoryish but I wonder if governments are actively trying to suppress and devalue privacy coins, punishing and disincentivizing those trying to hide their money from the tax man…

They are, for sure. Otherwise, what sense does it make to them? Others just learnt how to benefit from regulations, though. However, it’s all bad for the crypto world, anyway.

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I didn’t know that Zcash is going trough such troubles, hope developers will change the situation

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I’m sure that they definitely will! I saw many times the users thanked the Zcash developers for their great job, so soon the situation will change for the better.

I guess they should stop mining it for a while or just change the consensus
Not sure, how exactly it works but they’d better start taking up any actions

yeah, I heard many good words said about them as well. Think they will take the public opinion into consideration

They will, for sure. But looking at the current decline of Zec, a lot of holders became dissapointed with the situation. Maybe Zcash devs have another strategy and the price will rise soon.

sell order much more and bigger than any buy order, looking at 6 months chart. who is selling at this price ?

Well, I’m not a developer, I don’t know how to change the situation:)

I don’t think much depends on them now but you are right, they can broaden perspectives to attract more of the potential audience

Yeah, I’m afraid the developers are not so mighty as well

Well, they should be mighty to develop their project

@moderators title is misleading and not based on reality, can we change it?

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