Optimal payout limit on pools?

I’ve been mining for a couple of months now, and I’ve come upon a warning on Reddit about setting the payout limit too low.

From my understanding, getting many small pool payouts (i.e. setting the payout limit very low) could result in a huge number of inputs, and consequently higher transaction costs down the line. I have no deeper understanding of how blockchain tech works, but from a practical point of view, is there an optimal payout limit that miners should consider using?

Currently I’ve been mining with Flypool and getting paid roughly 0.1 ZEC per 24h to my Zcash4win deskop wallet. I just raised the limit to 0.25 ZEC, which will give me a payout roughly three times each week. Is this an unnecessary high limit?

If you are getting paid above the pool minimun you’re fine. I do agree though that micro transactions just clutter things up. Figure out what you mine every 25 hours and set that as your payment threshold, its my opinion and what I do.