Jaxx Wallet - Mining

Is it possible to transfer money mined on a code generated from Jaxx because the money doesnt show up in my Jaxx wallet. What can I do ? (I mined on Nanopool and on there I can see all the money I mined yet)

If I read you correctly, Nanopool shows that you have mined some Zcash. But have you reached the payout limit yet? Pools pay out to your address whenever the mined amount passes the “payout limit”. You can change the limit on the pool website (at least with Flypool, that I use). No money will show up in your wallet until the pool pays.

So if my minimum payout is 0.1 and I have at least 0.1 ZEC mined it will payout to jaxx? Am I correct? BTW Thanks a lot for your answer I started thinking nobody would answer

Yes, that’s how it should work. Btw, Jaxx discourages from mining directly to their wallet. I don’t know the reason, but they claim that something could get messed up. Don’t know if it’s true as many people seem to mine to their Jaxx wallet without any issues.

Hey, Jaxx claims that their “lightweight” platform cannot handle a ton of tiny miner microtransactions. It will overload your client by trying to push them all together when you send it out. They don’t say you CAN’T mine to Jaxx wallet, so as long as your miner payouts are large and infrequent, maybe once a week or so, Jaxx shouldnt have a problem. You can always port your Jaxx PK to a new client if you fubar this one.