Optiminer password/username

Hi everyone,

i’m new to the mining world, but i figured i’d give it a go and have some fun, now at the moment i’m not going that well… but i’m still trying to figure it out. I’ve got ubuntu installed on my machine at the moment with a AMD Firepro W4100 installed on it (I have 2 more i’m hoping to install as well) they where excess stock at my work along with most of the other parts, so i’m trying to build a rig for free and see what i can make of it.

Now i’ve followed the below instructions but the one part i cant’ figure out is at the bottom when it says

./optiminer-zcash -s $POOL -u $USER -p $PASSWORD -i 7 --watchdog-timeout 30 --watchdog-cmd “./watchdog-cmd.sh”

now i know the POOL is meant to be zstratum+tls://eu1-zcash.flypool.org:3443 as i’m using flypool.org (Or trying too) but i’m unsure as to that the user/password is?

Is that meant to be my wallet address? but even then i used jaxx to make my wallet address and i dont know what my password would be to that, i tried putting in my 12 word passphrase but that i didn’t work. Any advice at all would be amazing. thank you all in advance so much.

I mine on flypool too. Flypool is an anonymous mining pool, i.e. it doesn’t require registration. The username on flypool is only your wallet adress, and the password is not in use. You have to go into your wallet (in your case Jaxx) and see what your receiving address is (it is a long string of letters and numbers starting with a “t”)…use that as the username in the miner config. In my own miner (EWBF), password is only set to “z”, but I think flypool only ignores it anyways.

Flypool has a main Zcash page where you can see the setups for different miners: http://zcash.flypool.org/. Click on the “Linux - AMD” tab to see an example of a valid configuration.

Added tips #1: If you append the name of the rig after the address (separated by a period) in the miner config, Flypool will be able separate your rigs. Example: Zcashaddress.rig1

Added tips #2: Jaxx has specifically recommended that you do not mine to their wallet. They claim that their wallet is set up in such a way that mining can be a problem (don’t know if that is true or not). I use the Zcash4win desktop wallet myself. If you use Linux, there is an official Zcash desktop wallet you can use. Take a look at the official website.

Added tips #3: After you have started mining, go to flypool and search for the zcash address you specified, then you’ll be taken to the statistics page where you can see your progress and set payout limits, email alerts when miner goes offline etc. Bookmark that page for easy access.