Optional wallet service

Hi guys, I mine ZEC and I use Zcash4mac to store my coins. Recently I’m encountering problems sending out my coins. I am experiencing a lot of errors. What I only have now is the wallet.dat and the private key that is visible through the platform.

I’ve been searching for another wallet service for me to input my private key or import the wallet.dat, is there any that could accommodate this?

Thanks in advance.

Try installing VirtualBox and run Ubuntu as a guest OS and then install the current Linux version of the Zcash wallet.

do i follow this instruction - GitHub - zcash/zcash: Zcash - Internet Money ?

i mean this one - Home · zcash/zcash Wiki · GitHub ??

I haven’t bothered compiling source for a long time but you can if you want. This is the other option: Home · zcash/zcash Wiki · GitHub