Other Crypto Currency

I was just thinking perhaps we should have a category specifically for other crypto currency. This would help alleviate some of what I personally consider spam.

I don’t think we should dissuade people from discussing other currencies (it’s an important part of all crypto), but I think it should have it’s own dedicated area.

An example would be the latest Zcoin topic. Perhaps a category named “Other Crypto” or “Alt-Coins”.



Sounds fun! I’ll take lead-off position: Zcoin is garbage, so is 99% of the alt market. Zcash is Godmode.

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Been enjoying your insight on this forum. Have been curious to ask but didn’t want to spam other boards (good call @nekkidtruth on this thread): What is your opinion on Hush?

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I’m with you on this one. A dedicated category would be ideal to prove that we’re open to other potential currencies and don’t have a bias/aren’t just a cult which unfortunately is common af in this community :disappointed:


I’m surprised there wasn’t a response to this at all from the powers that be. @Shawn is this something we can do?

Okay so I am glad that Zcash is finally getting some solid PR going soon. Reason I am so excited is because look at what happened with NEO the past week. So much hype and PR that people were going nuts over something that had not major tech changes to it. Just a simple rebranding and HUGE PR. Can’t wait to see what Zcash will look like with this amount of PR.


People are going nuts over this. Nav has stated

The NavPay Beta will include NavTech Private Payments, making NavPay the world’s first mobile wallet to support anonymous transactions.

I wished Zcash was the first mobile wallet to do so. You can hate Nav all you want but it all lies within the PR. I am still strong on Zcash don’t get me wrong but I wanted to share this with everyone to see what you guys think.


@Blue Any idea how the encryption strength holds up when compared with that offered through Z addresses? Sleek looking website; going to have to dive a bit deeper.

That I do not know. I just know that the usability is better… for right now though.

AIRTOKEN, ico ended and will exist on the etherium network but if there was a dev team i felt as good as i do about the zec dev, its this one, read the white paper, its really great