Marketing Zcash

Hi guys,

I thought I start a new discussion about how to market Zcash and how to get into new markets, like getting Zcash trader in South Korea for example.

Let us brainstorm and even better get into action together!


To kick this off, I am having a lot of fun sponsoring the Ibiza Polo Club and my very own polo team with my hosting company. This allows me to introduce a lot of new wealthy people to Zcash. Many have heard about Bitcoin and Ethereum, though Zcash was new to all of them. They quickly realized why we picked Zcash and are now excited about this digital asset.

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That’s so cool Laszlo!
You’ve got some great connections being able of making such marketing moves! Best of luck as always!

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Oh wow, congrats on the polo team and on the initiative this will help greatly.

Well, for marketing, as I’ve said in some previous posts we need to make it very friendly to newcomers because people are usually afraid of tech and of course, afraid to lose their money.

One of the first big steps is, I think, having a great mobile app for wallet and trading… I know there is Jaxx and Cryptonater and other ones, but having something built by the founders/devs would be great and would inspire confidence. I know this is not built overnight, it takes time. NOT everyone that is interested in crypto is a programmer , and not everyone knows linux(speaking from experience here, I am a 3d artist, and know very very little about programming). I still took the time to research and setup mining a while ago, and trust me, it was very hard to get into if don’t know anything.

Aside from mobile apps, we would need windows and apple related wallets, I know @anon47418038 has done immense work on these platforms and needs more support from us. But I do think that for mass adoption it will need to be a lot more user friendly. I am not criticizing you David, you did an awesome job, but I am thinking for the future.

People rarely take the time to read anything these days, aside from clickbait headlines, so high quality production video can be a step in the right direction. Something like DASH has been doing, but with much higher production value to be honest. And this does not infer higher cost, just more skillful people working on it. You can do great things with 2-3 lights and an editing program. I am not great as a presenter (english is not my first language) and not great at writing scrips, but can help with graphics if needed.

There are much more stuff to talk about but I think this is enough to start making a conversation.

Also, if anyone disagrees with anything that I said, please let me know.

Again, awesome @Laszlo

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Yea, I like this thread, great job starting it. The idea of some promotional videos sounds great and could do some good if the community start posting it around to other crypto forums. But then there are so many haters out there so we’d have to be good at shutting down the detractors. I heard that the team is hiring a marketing director so that will be a good first step. I wonder if they’ve had any interest in the position yet. I think it’s a good idea to just go around to various crypto forums, facebook groups and individual twitter conversations and push ZEC as an alternative/better solution to whatever’s being talked about.

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Videos +1
Apps +1 and dont forget radix42 is purely on donations!
Also getting people with business to accept Zcash can be very useful for ecosystem…
My humble opinion is that WE need to spread word about Zec and make it visible everywhere to common people (not just those in crypto world). And that can be done with or without CMO Zcash is looking for - by us users…
And haters - well you know how they say - even bad marketing on the end is marketing…

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Thank you, guys!

What would be incredibly amazing is an integration with PayPal, Shopify, Amazon, or something like that. Any major chain accepting Zcash would make it fly. Perhaps it is wrong to try that in the Western world as regulatory bodies and companies are so slow, though what about China, Japan, or South Korea?

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Well major integrations cant be done by us "simple"users, it will require steps from Zcash Co. … even eastern worlds like Asia have their procedures but for that we will need to seek advice from ppl living there…

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Jump in and comment on this /. story. IRS Now Has a Tool To Unmask Bitcoin Tax Evaders - Slashdot

Edit: IRS Now Has a Tool To Unmask Bitcoin Tax Evaders - Slashdot

I am looking for guest authors and designers who can help me with good content… we will market it and maintain the website and socials… pm me if someone is interested…


The more we see this kind of people in Zcash community, the more we gain. Nice news!

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I think a nice way to go would be to add support for zcash in OpenBazaar.

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