Out today: Zcash support for Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue!


To celebrate Black Friday, Ledger is offering -21% on all its products and is proud to announce the launch of the Ledger Blue as a pre-order, a new high-end device that features a 3.5" color touchscreen, Bluetooth, NFC, application support… which of course includes a Zcash application, available through the Ledger Manager.

Don’t forget to use the “BBF21” promo code to get the 21% discount on ledgerwallet.com :slight_smile:

More information about the Ledger Blue: https://blog.ledger.co/ledger-blue-an-enterprise-grade-security-device-4e6588c72a13#.ujb2kavxs
Download the Ledger Manager if you already own a Nano S or a Ledger Blue Developer Edition: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/apps/manager


Haha. I should have waited one day as I purchased your Nano S yesterday. Oh well happy to support those who support innovation

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I just tried this and it works flawlessly on Ubuntu 16.04.

ZCash can be found in the Bitcoin app.

One question slightly off topic: I know that it now supports ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. But what I am unclear on is, if I send Augur (REP) or Digix (DGD) to my Ethereum address will I be able to receive and send them as easily as sending Ethereum (ETH)?

You can receive them like normal ETH tokens. For sending just go to myetherwallet > send token > select token (or use custom token if not available)> gas is automatically adjusted > send > confirm on Nano S.

Be sure to have the settings turned on your device.


Does the token balance show in the Ethereum app?

No if I recall.

Just look up your account on etherscan and press the dropdown [View Token Balances] on the right.


I hope they integrate token support a little better, ie: where every balance is viewable in the App.

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I have uploaded my first 2 Ledger Wallet Tutorials :slight_smile:

One “unboxing and Initial Setup” video and one "OS & “Firmware Update” Video.
Hopefully I can start to supplement your online guides with videos :slight_smile: If you can think of any other tutorials that I should create for the Ledger Nano S please let me know and I will do so ASAP. Thank you! MERCI!

I would like to do an Android or iOS OTG guide but my current phone does not have OTG. I will be getting an iPhone 6 from a friend, but not for 1 1/2 months, so I will need to try and find an android device with OTG to test it out