Ledger Nano S and Overwinter fork

I am new in “cryptoworld”…
Does anyone know if Ledger Nano S will support ZCash after the upcoming Overwinter fork?
I did not get straight answer from Ledger support…
I got answered: “Hello, Thank you for contacting Ledger. Support of this crytptocurrency is not planned at this time. Please refer to this FAQ topic to know which coins are supported depending on which Ledger device you have. …” Strange? I think that …
Do I need to move my ZEC from Nano S?
Thanks in advance!

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my suggestion is to have your 24 word seed secure somewhere and then make sure the firmware of the Nano S is up to date. I think it is either version 1.41 or 1.42.

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I have new firmware installed and 24 word seed secured :grinning:
Will see…

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It sounds like you got answered by a first-level tech support person who didn’t know they supported Zcash, so obviously wouldn’t know about whether they’ve prepared a firmware update. I’m sure a firmware update is necessary, so yes, good idea to check your seed is properly backed up. I’ll try to get a proper answer from Ledger.


Thank you! I will check for new firmware…

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I asked via their online chat, and here is the answer:

This is something we’re working on, but it will take some times as the changes are really important.
for now, your zcash funds are safe on your Nano S
But you won’t be able to send any transaction between the 25th and the day we support the overwinter update.


Thanks Den.
So, I just can’t use my ZEC untill they make an update… Can I send any ZEC on my wallet? Did they tell you when will they update ZEC wallet?


It sounds like it will be a few days at least. It is a little risky to send now but you might be able to if you do it quickly.

They told me that I can send ZEC to Ledger Nano S, but not from Nano…

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Technically that is correct, but I would not advise sending any ZEC to any address where the key is held by a Ledger device until they sort out the firmware update.

I’m still in Montreal and slightly out of the loop; I’ll make this a priority to follow up on when I get back tomorrow.

For the record, I’m disappointed that Ledger didn’t have firmware ready. They had made clear they were aware of the upgrade schedule and the need to change the signature hashing algorithm. However, we perhaps weren’t as proactive with them as we could have been (and were with Trezor), and I apologise to any users who are unable to access their funds for the time being.


Thanks Daira for your support!
I am also a little disappointed with Ledger for the issue, because as of today I don’t even know the schedule of the new firmware release. I’m following them on Twitter but no timeframe has been released yet, as far as I know…so I assume it won’t be very soon.
To be sincere, all this, together with low prices and no fork (I’m against ASICs) planned before at least 9 months (April 2019 ?!?) , is getting me less and less confident in ZEC and will probably stop mining it very soon.

Please keep the discussion relevant to the original topic. Thanks!

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Hi have anyone heard anything from ledger about this issue again?

We have been in contact with the team at Ledger and have offered support, they are currently working on a firmware upgrade to make Ledger Overwinter compatible but have not provided a timeline for when that will be ready. I’ll update here as we learn more.


Sorry about the delay - the code is done and validated, will be tested by the team next week and likely also merged at that time. It won’t be available right away in our new Ledger Live desktop environment, but you’ll be able to move your funds with the former Chrome app shortly.

Developers can also do it immediately by sideloading the device application at hxxps://github.com/LedgerHQ/blue-app-btc/tree/zcash_overwinter and rebuild the Chrome app with this PR hxxps://github.com/LedgerHQ/ledger-wallet-chrome/pull/109

The device application is now significantly bigger thanks to Blake2b but will get smaller again with our upcoming firmware update including it in the OS.


So, if I keep my ZEC on the Ledger Nano S it won’t be lost or anything until an official fix is provided for the new interface, right?

Yes, the “only” issue until this fix is that you can’t move your funds, but nothing is lost

I got answer that I can send ZEC to Ledger Nano S… I done it last week, and my balans Is OK.

http://status.ledger.fr/ says zcash is working for ledger nano but it’s not. My send failed.

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Make sure you’re using the latest Ledger Wallet Chrome application (1.11.3) and delete/reinstall the ZCash application on your Nano S to get the latest (1.2.8) - the fix will be ported to Ledger Live soon.

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