Paper wallets: using zcash-cli

Is there any reason not to generate paper wallets by:
a) setting up zcash under your preferred security precautions
b) generating a new t-address
c) executing ‘zcash-cli dumpprivkey YourZcashPublicAddress’
d) printing or writing down the result (and checking it twice)
e) nuking the wallet file / VM / rebooting the liveCD / blowtorching the laptop?

…then later re-activating the address with ‘zcash-cli importprivkey PrivateKey “” false’ ?

I can’t see why not, although I’d do a round-trip test of the procedure before doing it for real live funds

when will we have a zcash wallet on iphone and windows ?

I’ve made great progress in the last week on my port of zcash to windows, I’m hoping very soon. it has gone from building very little of it to compiling all the source, and is down to a couple of linker errors…a new build is in progress as I type after the last changes, cross your fingers!

great , i’m really happy to hear that

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iPhone has…its own unique difficulties. A wallet like jaxx where you don’t have the blockchain on your phone is only held back by Apple being fussy about what altcoins they allow in the App Store (Jaxx at least have a build with Zcash in it that has been waiting for approval for a WHILE).

A native build of zcash itself is much farther off, as libsnark does not build with Apple’s compiler right now (the clang compiler suite). If the upstream libsnark project gets it building under current clang versions, it’ll be a LOT closer, and would also let me convert my Mac port to using Xcode rather than gcc/g++ from homebrew. Not holding my breath :frowning:

yes, once there is a Windows build I’m sure a LOT of people will be very happy!