Parotidectomy Fund Raising Campaign

Hello friend, first of all greetings.
I take the liberty to publish here my fundraising campaign, I know these are difficult times for Zcash, but the situation has led me to make this campaign, as you know the situation in Venezuela is difficult, and my only income is thanks to the contributions I make in the Zcash ecosystem, and in return I receive the corresponding rewards.
Any contribution is welcome, as well as the diffusion of the campaign to reach more people who can help me.

First of all, thanks again for allowing me to be part of this ecosystem, of this project, and for allowing me to be surrounded by people with value…

You know that you can count on me for any need, in spite of the circumstances here I am willing to work with you!!!

Thank you infinite!

Here is my campaign and my application!!!

Tumor (LOE) in the right parotid region


Sorry for what is happening to you @robmarn and thank you for your participation to the Zcash community.

I would like to use this as an opportunity to use viewing keys, which I have never done before. Indeed, you provide a unified address, which is great, however consequently I do not get to see how much financial support you have received already. I do not know about others, but I do calibrate my donations based on multiple factors, such as how much has been contributed so far.

Would you mind sharing the viewing key of the wallet used for this fundraising campaign?

Also, could you or anyone else, point me to a wallet supporting viewing keys? I’ve never used those and I do not see such feature in my Nighthawk wallet.

Thanks and very best of luck to you, sorry again you have to go through this.


Active wallets that allow restoring with view keys:

YWallet (mobile and desktop)
Zingo (mobile only for now)


Hola Robmar, mi amigo. This news saddens me and pulls at my heart. I wish you a quick recovery and much luck. I will try to support you in any ways that I can. :heart: Get well soon!


Urgent reminder to all forum users: Robmar has been spreading love of Zcash in a very direct, professional and unparalleled way.

Please spread the word of this campaign and contribute, if you’re able.

Thank you, Zeal


Hola Robmar! lamento mucho por lo que estás pasando. Todo mi apoyo para vos, mucha fuerza. abrazo.



Thank you for your transparent update.