Experiencing very slow Mining. Taking a lot of time to reach the minimum payout

I have a total hash rate of 900 sols/sec shown on my miner.(I’m a small miner). Its getting about 6 to 10 shares per 3 minute.
But the pool on the Web is not showing good result. Balance isn’t changing for about 30 to 60 min. Also nothing accumulates in the UNCONFIRMED BALANCE for about 30 to 60 minute. That is, previously with this speed, I could reach minimum payout at about 28 to 32 hrs. Now its taking about 40hrs or more.

Is there any problem with the pool website? Or something else? I know difficulty increases day by day. But… Its a radical change. Isn’t it? Because my rig showing same speed but the site shows slow updates.

There is a ss of the pool site provided. I’m stuck at that for about 1 hr!

Nope, thats about normal, i went from 10-12hrs to 14-17hrs, more miners equals smaller fractional joint split payouts which is increased payout increment time because it takes longer to reach the minimum and barring some force majeure, overall, its acontinuously upward trend

So… This thing will continue. I didn’t expect the difficulty to go up so soon. :frowning:

The time interval from this last spike to the one before (last Sept) was about 150 days, with everything decreased more now it stands to reason that number will be shortened as well (my perspective anyway)