(TBA) - A Troll Account on Twitter?

Update: looks like this is a troll account based on tweets it sent out. See the replies for examples.

Thanks to @Blazin8888 for sharing this.


Just saw this Twitter account of a project in stealth mode :eyes:

Who fancies a puzzle? Anyone wants to speculate about what kind of project this is? Is it from a new team or an already well-known team in Zcash? What kind of exchange will the project release? What kind of coins do you think will be listed? What kind of coins do you like to see listed? Cheers!

Some things that we know:

  • The Twitter account was created this month in April
  • redirects to
  • They mention Sci & Tech as their industry on the profile, the same as ECC but different from ZF
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I’m optimistic it could be awesome, but cautious it could be a scam. Good name though.

Also interesting that it’s registered through Tucows :thinking:, don’t see that very often.


I think you’re right to be cautious :sweat_smile:

I can’t trust anything with dung emoji :poop:


Increasingly convinced that this is troll account. I got excited too early.


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