Physical Zcash tokens (proposed)

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The Satori Coin is a modern physical coin prepared with 0.001 Bitcoin
worth half a dollar in current price. The code is hidden under a
hologram seal. “If for instance, the value was stolen or lost because of
mismanagement, the amount of bitcoin loaded is so small, it is unlikely
that you will lose much sleep." reads the official website.

Every Satori Coin has its private QR-code which can be scanned by any
blockchain app in order to transfer the money to one’s online wallet.
The code is hidden under a hologram seal removed on the picture.

I suggest a Zcash Coin based on the principles of the Satori Coin but
to round up the value to one dollar (the Zcash symbol (Z) even look
like a reversed $).

The avatar from mineZcash at the chat forum
is a good candidate for a future Zcash coin. I don’t find any image of a proposed Zcash coin.
mineZcash says “I dont think they would use it, graphics are a tricky
thing, a more complex logo like mine will not work well on things like
letterhead and t-shirts. I know the devs pretty well, if they see your
issue and want to use it I will be happy to let them.”

This suggestion have been sent to, and

I know the designer of the Satori coin, it'd awesome to have them do a design for a Zcash coin!

i want to mint real ZCash coins so i find this interesting

@cryptomined Do you know where to download QQ International? The link from the website goes to somewhere that is broken. Or which QQ app is best for english speakers to use? I've been trying on and off to get on it ever since you posted the QQ Group info for the zcash group in another thread.

I am however on WeChat

for win

im not sure about wechat groups, you might need an invite for those

and looks like someone beat me to posting a link

also you might get rejected from some zcash groups, so just keep trying, you should be able to join at least some of them

you can get an apk for android for qq also

Can you please ask him to distribute the 3D modelling source files as
free software?

For example, the Blend Swap project Bittoins is distributed under CC-BY:

I'll ping her on twitter or slack, no problem!

Thanks for the link, I'll run that in one of my Win VM's

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yeah I got an invite to a pretty big zcash chat on WeChat from someone who hangs out on the zcash Slack chat

With BTC et al you could put the last public transfer in view to verify the claimed BTC underneath has not been spent. Can't do that with ZEC.

if the coins all came loaded with value on a taddr you could!

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I want to, and its easy to mint coins here... I need to think about this more. Maybe you could help me devise a plan? Thanks

what country are you in? and would they have regulatory issues with this? I know the Satori wasn't for export to the US, for instance, because of how the IRS classifies BTC as an asset, and the Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering laws.

i live in china, we do what we want here :slight_smile:
especially as a white foreigner, no one bothers us

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My kids and I are thinking of moving from here in the US to Japan!

well people in asia still want to move to the USA... or Canada... but sure if you want to, go for it :slight_smile:
lived here for more than 10 years now, you can come and visit

if/when I get enough customers/funding for some of the zcash projects I'm working on, a swing through asia is definitely on the list!

Ok, I feel silly now, to get QQ for Mac of course you just use the App Store!

My QQ id is 2634467917