Have a new 7 card rig using Claymore Miner ver.10

So my first post, and I’m going to explain what I have and what I am using. A couple of things I have seen, not really a problem but would like advice and maybe a bug or two that are probably known but thought I would mention them I would appreciate feedback but not if it is to troll me.

I am running a 7 card rig (5 - R9 Fury’s (4gb) and 2 Fury X (4gb) on a on a MSI Z97 Mobo. (before its said, I should have got the 8gb instead of the 4gb, I know I know)
Running dual power supply’s one 1200w (2 X’s and 1 R9) one 1600w (everything else)
Dual Core intel and 8gb ram

And just so that I can feel the love,I will tell you this “I pay ZERO for power!”

I am up and running using Claymore Ver. 10 using 16.11 AMD drivers. I stayed away from Version 16.12 since reading of the 5% hit. This could be part of some of the issues/questions that I have, but…

I am pulling 2560 average with ranges normal ranges from 2480 to 2733. Each Fury X is doing 386 to 397 (the occasional 400) and the R9 Fury’s pulling 330 to 361 (the 330 is the main video out to monitor, when I turn it off it goes to the 350’s) running on intensity 7

Not wanting to setup a wallet on a different machine I installed a Virtualbox for Ubuntu. Now the amazing thing I discovered here is that when running the VM for wallet deposits I take a 200 sol to 250 sol hit the entire time the VM is running… does anyone else see this? do you run your wallet and rig on the same machine? if you do and you shutdown the VM, do you see a performance increase?

When I do -fanmin and set a parameter of say 50, I see a 5 to 12 sol performance hit… Since noise and power useage isn’t an issue, suggestions?

-mclock doesn’t appear to work. When I set it for my Fury X’s I get a unable to configure when it launches. Known issue or possible fix?

When setting up the config for -cclock, the blue line that lists the sol’s, per that line I can tell that GPU 4 and GPU 6 are my Fury x’s. Now that is not the case on the temp/fan speed shown in Yellow. There it shows my Fury X’s as 0 and 1
Now with this said the info about the fan speed seems to be/is the correct ID for the cards when changing the config file. I have tested to confirm this. If you set up the clocking as 0,0,0,1150,0,1150,0 – this WILL fail. If you set it up as 1150,1150,0,0,0,0,0 - this will over clock the Fury x’s and all cards are happy. Is this a known issue?

And the last question, and I am sure I will get some shade on this one; is there a throttle built into the miner? If get 401 for more than 5 cycles (when the average (blue line) shows every 30 to 45 seconds) it crashes. Now maybe I’ve hit my threshold, but while testing settings on the Fury x’s one of the two will fail 100% of the time if this occurs.

Thanks for you time, and I am glad to have joined this elite group of pioneers!