Playstation mining

Did anybody think about playstation 3/4?
I heard there were remade ps3 which were used to dig bitcoins.

There is some powerfull stuff inside,right ?

Also, how about mining on a Nvidia Shield?

Mine just sits there doing fuck all, bludging all day.

It has been tried in the past, but the results have been disappointing. For example, the top post from this Reddit thread concluded that mining Bitcoin with a PS3 was “completely worthless at [the current] difficulty level” – and that was three years ago!

I suspect the PS4 would be similarly underwhelming by today’s standards. While it’s surely possible to mine with the PS3/PS4, I doubt that it’s economical.

I’ve been looking around for solutions too so that I can put my two PS3s to work but, apparently playstation has very less RAM so equihash might not fit in the scheme of things

ZEC algo is different it may be good on PS4