PS4 mining rig up tonight


gonna rig up the ps4 to mine tonight as its gathered a lot of dust over the past year.

will let you know how it goes later


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Interesting. I assume going with the 1.76 firmware ?

ubuntu requires it ?

Yea wasnt watching the latest scene releases but last time I checked some chinese team hacked into 4.01 - so thought you might be on to something new / secret.

ahh fuck ... you have to restore back to that firmware

Does it work with PS3 too?

I remember the homebrew I was using to watch movies (showtime / now movian) had a litecoin miner inside to mine as donation to the dev (optional).

But someone would be needed to invest time into writing a miner for ps3 + you need your ps3 on custom firmware.

So I doubt it will happen :wink:

I would like to see mining on PS3 or PS4, an i'm prety sure this is possibile with a great developer.

Mining on ps3 is not going to happen.