Need help ASAP because I’m new to this lol

Hello I’m looking to getting into mining .
What do I need to look for when picking a GPU etc and what’s best way to start ?

Youtube videos is the best way to start. You’ll find a lot of great info there. Electricity knowledge is important to not set your place on fire accidentally as well.

Im what i would still consider a newbie miner… But what i’ve learned is its all about efficiency… Sol/w (Solution Per Watt) is a good place to start… I’ve read that the 1070 Ti’s are the most efficient cards as of now… They may not net you as much as a full 1080 Ti rig but if your total profits monthly after electrical costs and ROI isn’t a primary concern i would look into building a 1070 Ti rig… You don’t need an expensive CPU,RAM,SSD or MOBO… Also as mentioned above electrical knowledge for the sake of fire safety is key as well…

God that was quick reply . Well thank u both for ur help . Where would I get the software for mining etc . There no rush to reply As it is late . And i am much greatful for ur help

Search for EWBF Zcash miner and dstm zcash miner. Bitcointalk should have downloads on the first page of their respective threads.

Idk if this is aloud on the forums but If i were to go the route of a 1070 Ti build this is what i would do… Build is more than open for constructive criticism and improvements…

Cards - x6 MSI gtx 1070 ti’s $2939.94 (newegg) (Can only order 2 cards per 48 hour window of time due to newegg limits)
CPU - Intel G3930 $39.99 (newegg)
Mobo - Asus Prime Z270-A $159.99 (newegg)
PSU - Evga 1600T2 $430.00 (newegg)
RAM - Corsair Value DDR4 $52.99 (per 4gb stick) (newegg) (I personally run 8gb in my rigs idk why)
Fame - x6 GPU Frame $175.00 (amazon)
Fans - x5 Cooler master 120mm Fans for frame $42.45 (newegg)
Risers - $45.99 (Per lot of 6) (order double of what you need high chance of some of them being bad)
SSD - $90.00 (newegg) (Only need SSD if you’re mining with windows)
USB flash drive $6.75 (If you decided to mine with Simple Mining OS) (Runs off usb stick so no need for SSD or HDD)
(Cost of Windows OS not figured into Build)

Total W/O shipping or taxes $4022.34 (Windows build with SSD and 4gb of ram and a double order of risers)
Total W/O shipping or taxes $3939.09 (Simple Mining OS build with 4gb of ram and double order of risers)

MSI afterburner settings for efficiency…
Undervolted to 60% power limit
Temp Limit 80c
Core Clock +200
Mem Clock +700
Fans set to auto
Works out to be 4.7 Sol/W
That’s on DSTM Miner Total system power drawn would be less than 1000 Watts easily (which can be run off a 15 or 20amp breaker safely…) 80% Rating for continuous power draw on a 15amp breaker is 1440W for a 20amp breaker its 1920W… Mining software can be found with a quick google search and also on the bitcointalk forums…