Complete noob looking for some guidance :)

Hello everybody,
I’m new here :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking to get into mining for a while, since it sounds pretty interesting, but unfortunately I don’t know ANYTHING about it and the amount of information you can find online is overwhelming so I’m finding it hard to start.

I have a spare fully functional PC which I’m not using at all (with a GTX 770), a spare GTX 970, and my actual current gaming rig sporting a GTX 1080Ti, which unfortunately I don’t have too much free time to enjoy so I was thinking about putting that to a good use as well :wink:

I’m not planning to build a big/serious mining rig (well, potentially down the road but not right away as I don’t have a budget atm) but I was wondering if you could just tell me whether it would make sense to get into mining with my current hardware, what kind of “profit” I could expect…Or if it would just be a waste of time and I should just forget about it :slight_smile:

I know there are many available resources but I tried looking and I can’t find an easy answer to this question…If you tell me it would be a good idea and point me in the right direction, I’d definitely be willing to make the due research.

TL;DR: Would it make sense for me to get into mining with my current hardware, without investing any more money into it but just to utilize what I already have lying around?
I’m sure you’ll immediately recognize what I mean and will be able to give me an easy answer…

Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

with your hardware setup it´s just cheaper to buy some coins

Hello, I’m not entirely sure I got what you mean…

How can something be “cheaper” when I wrote I’m not going to invest any more money in this and I just wanted to utilize what I already have?
I’m missing something probably :slight_smile:

its cheaper to buy some coins insteed of mining them - maybe thinking of electricy costs?

Well electricity costs should be around 0,06 $/kWh where I live, and by browsing around I got the feeling that it isn’t a particularly high cost, but of course I wasn’t sure about that… Which is the reasoning behind my thread :slight_smile:

you can use this calc. and should decide self.

According to this, it would look like it’s somehow profitable:

Current 0.00315496 BTC/Day (8.20 EUR/Day) 0.00013846 BTC/Day (0.36 EUR/Day) +0.00301650 BTC/Day (+7.84 EUR/Day)

Current 0.00129580 BTC/Day (3.37 EUR/Day) 0.00008308 BTC/Day (0.22 EUR/Day) +0.00121272 BTC/Day (+3.15 EUR/Day)

Do you think these numbers are “reliable” or would it be difficult to get those figures in reality?

Thanks btw!

It would only be cheaper to buy ZEC if what you have can’t mine more than the electricity it uses. He has more than enough hardware to mine and make a profit, however small.

With his hardware he’ll make between $50-$100/month and that’s not taking into account the rising ZEC. Zcash is still viable with lower hardware at this time.

Not everyone is mining to horde ZEC and waiting for the big pay day (which is also fine of course).

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

If I may, what are you basing your $50-100/month figure on?
Both rigs? Just the “bigger” one? I just tried to run a couple calculations and the numbers I get are a bit bigger, so I’m wondering if I’m missing something.

(Also, I wouldn’t probably run the big one 24/7 so maybe that’s the reasoning you had too).

I was low balling to prove a point. Some people are OK with mining for $50-$100/month. Some others aren’t. :slight_smile:

970 = ~250 Sol/s
1080 = ~700 Sol/s

Not sure on the 770 but it probably won’t generate much compared to the power usage so you may want ignore that one. You’re looking at ~950 Sol/s which will probably net you closer to $300/month. This is assuming you’re running 24/7 of course.

Oh of course.
Well as I said, I wouldn’t do it to make a big profit, but since it would basically be “free money” (I already have the hardware) I’d gladly take anything that comes from it.

Who knows, I might get more into it in the future and invest some more in it, but for the moment, getting an extra say $2-300 at the end of the month doesn’t sound bad at all :slight_smile:

I’m looking at possibly take the 770 out of the rig I have, put the 970 inside it and run it 24/7…
Then run the 1080Ti one when I’m not using it for something else, which could be around 12/18 hours a day I guess.

I have an old 780Ti which I tested and it does about 150H/s. Not really worth the bother IMO. The 1080Ti, however, is the best! :slight_smile:

One more suggestion since you plan on using your mining PC for daily use as well - mining will slow down everything, even browsing or videos. Let your 1080Tis mine and keep the older card free for such light use activities.

Here is your Answer, based on the information you have given:

At the power cost you posted, running all three cards list 24/7, your power cost would be an estimated $0.42 a day

Below are the coins you can mine (potentially for a profit)

Thank you very much!
Unfortunately it turns out the math on the power cost was wrong so it’s going to be way more expensive (even though there would still be a good profit…just a smaller one) :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with the differences between HUSH and ZEC, for example, though…I’m still missing something I guess :confused:

I put in the power cost that you gave me, so it should be accurate…

Everything in that screen shot are different crypto coins that you can mine with your card

Sorry, I meant that my math was wrong so the power cost is actually higher than the one I wrote earlier, my bad :slight_smile:

So basically with the same “tool” (Equihash?) you can mine different coins? I learn something new every time :smiley: