Ploniex zcash disabled - support not responding for 24 hours

Cool!, my search results and some bitcointalk topics were not to positive about it, glad it working for you guys.

Yes, that's fair enough.

Pretty sure Poloneix will re enable ZEC soon.

Thing is, the issue is something Polo is experiencing. They didn't even have the decency to contact the Zcash team. Instead they opted to disable the wallet and throw the onus on Zcash publicly without actually reaching out. I'm not really surprised.

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Bittrex is ok now…………

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still down... what's going on?

Everyone is asking the same...and the coins price is going down.

Except now it's going back up.

Bruh i'm getting nervous with this polo s**t. Thought it'd be a 24hr thing. Have my zec on wallet there and have continued to send my mining payments as well. Hope I won't get f**ked over

I had BTC stuck there for a month . I know how stressful it can be when no one answers back. It'll brighten up! @carlosabia change your mining address

I appreciate the positiveness. Are you currently using jaxx or cryptonator? Only reason I keep in polo still is because I ordered a ledger nano s freaking 2 months ago and still doesn't ship, will move address and funds there asap

I am using Zcash4Win! Jaxx I haven't heard anything really positive about it. Cryptonator I have heard is very good things about it! So if I were you and you want a quick wallet I would use cryptonator.

Jaxx is a great wallet. You just can't mine to it.

I recently purchased a Trezor and it arrived within 2 weeks.

That and I have heard people losing money from it due to a security breach.

Has anyone heard anything bad about the Holy Transaction wallets? Can't do much with them since I am US based but they are easy enough to mine to.

(haven't used the service) never heard a bad thing about them, and they've been around for a while.

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Not a security breach. The private key Jaxx uses to encrypt the wallet locally can be extracted by any party with filesystem access. If an attacker has access to your Windows or MacOS filesystem, they can get at your wallet. This is a design tradeoff made by the Jaxx team to increase ease of use and enable several Jaxx features. That said, if an attacker has access to your filesystem, you will likely have a world of problems beyond securing your coins...

Jaxx is a light wallet (like your pocket wallet) and not intended for storage of significant amounts of "cash". Store only as much as you need in Jaxx and put the rest into cold storage on a device or on paper.