Plug and play mining rig

Hi i am from Australia. I have been looking for a mining rig eth/zcash plug n play of course. Do u guys know any websites where i can buy one.

Best betโ€™s hitting up Patrick from WPDezignz as heโ€™s the only guy I know who has contacts out in Oz who build 8 GPU and above rigs. Would save you import costs if ordering internationally. PM if you want me to forward email.

You can send a message to this page and ask , I think the site is not rdy yet but i have 1 from this guys, but there are in UK. :zcash:

6card rig offers 4x 1080 TI in a Cube called Solstorm

Ug no sprechen sie Deutsch!

Just drop them an email. The problem is that the main service is cloud mining which is targeted at Germans.

Try and buy panda miner plug n play solution for zcash mining :wink: