Portfolio Diversity / Crypto currencies

Just curious about how everybody handles his portfolio diversity?

I’am a fan of it and i keep 75 different coins in my portfolio, but sometimes i begin to question myself if this is the best way, hence the topic and question.

Do you use portfolio diversity and if yes, how many different coins do you keep all/most time?

I Hodl all, all powercosts I pay with Fiat .

Last Dec I sold off some old Bitcoin, so powercostst for the next 2 years are covered.
Can’t say my Porto is as big as yours Boxalex hahaha
Sold my 3 AMD rigs in Januari, got an offer, I couldn’t refuse, they were on Eth, but I had enough for my taste .
They allready Roi ed long ago and got 125 euro a card more then I paid for them.

My Porto is - Zcash ( big believer still )

  • Bitcoin ( even mined them from the beginning with CPU, Rapb Pi and later on GPU, with the asics I was out, the ones I still Hodl are my pensionplan )
  • Criple ( Will be mooning once again, are on sale for 1.25 $ ( 50 % ) and the other 50 % are on 3.25 $, So Ripple for me is a money coin, not a Hodl er )
  • Gulden ( lots of them, Still a big believer in this 1, bought them for 0.00001 in the beginning )
  • Etherium ( A Hodl er for me, Will survive in the long run like Bitcoin )
  • Monero ( Don’t know what to do in the long run, got them like Ripple on Sale orders )
  • Electronium ( HAHAHAHA man, what a coin and what a dev team, Holding them for my kids, they mine them on their phones, my son believes they will moon and he never has to work again. I told him when Electronium hits 100 $ he can quit school hehehe )

They 1 I am buiding up now is Universa, UTNP, I build with Fiat and with my Hobby rig ( 12 card Nvidia Rig ) that gets payed in Bitcoin and I buy Universa for it.
Universa ( so I hope ) will be my retirement, I have a very strong believe in that 1.

So, it’s a small Portfolio, My core is Bitcoin, Etherium, Zcash, Gulden and Universa.
And as I said, now building on Universa and still 2 12 1080Ti rigs on Zcash.
Will keep them there till the profit is to far down, after that I guess it will be shitcoins and hoping 1 will moon.


74 of them are rubbish.

Heyyyy, interesting read, thx for sharing all the details. Actually it’s a good idea to share thoughts. will do the same here below:

I actually do the same, paying electricity with FIAT and always calculating it for 1 year ahead so i don’t have to cash out for such costs. However, i think i will stop mining in about 6 months and directly invest more, but that’s another story for another topic…

Here my coins and the reasons behind:

  • Bitcoin (BTC): A must in a diversity portfolio my opinion, i always try to have it 1/3 of the whole portfolio.
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH): I think it still has a lot of potential to rise.
  • Litecoin (LTC): Just holding a good portion here as i mine it anyway.
  • Ethereum (ETH): Like Bitcoin a must to have in portfolio. I don’t expect it to raise much more, but at least it’s a value holder in my opinion with still some potential.
  • Zcash (ZEC): I think it’s the best privacy coin and has still a lot of potential aside that in my opinion it has the best future ahead of all privacy coins.
  • Digibyte (DGB): I’am mining it in bigger amounts so it’s easy for me to hold a lot of these, but i also think they have a chance to become a major player in micro payments. It’s a solid project in my opinion and not like Verge just based on hype.
  • NEO (NEO): Just a project i really like. I like the POS, the GAS rewards, the 0 transaction fees. It’s the coin i’am doing most daily trades on the exchanges. Sell and buy back. I hope it will reach USD 200+ at end of the year …
  • NULS (NULS): A project and team i really like. One of my favorite coins.
  • Aeternity (AE): I’am a strong believer in this project and i like the team, even know some personally…
  • Segwit2X (B2X): Scam coin in my opinion. Just mined that shitcoin when the difficulty was low, just in case, but that case mostly never will come. Worst decision ever, lol, and what makes it even worse, i knew it’s a scam coin, but some close friends have been that sure that this is a winner that i got into FOMO as well, lol. At least no big deal, as i mined it with the D3’s, so only electricity invested.
  • Dash (DASH): I think it’s a solid project as well as i can mine it, just holding it. We will see …
  • Electroneum (ETN): Holding it as i mined it easyly with the X3’s and i like the future idea to mine it with cell phones. Seeing how bad that fork went and how weak the devs are i’am no more sure if it’s a good idea, but will hold it.
  • Digix Dao (DGD): A long Hold for me.
  • 0x - (ZRX): Very solid project in my opinion, happy with this holding so far.
  • Ontology (ONT): Looks like a good project as well, could enter right bevor it begun to raise.
  • Fusion (FSN): Another very good and solid project in my opinion.
  • Storiqa (STQ): I like the idea behind it, in my opinion it has potential.
  • Komodo (KMD): Bought these actually to see how their POS is working. Very satisfied so far far. I think it has very good potential with it Notarious and POS setup…
  • Tron (TRX): One of the view coins i hold without liking it. A hold a portion here just because … nearly everybody does. Seriously, it’s not a coin that has my confidence, but … here it is, lol.
  • Zilliqa (ZIL): Holding it, thinking it’s a good project.
  • Docademic (MTC): Wanted to have one medi coin in my portfolio and decided to use that one, right bevor McAffees last announcement and support. So more than happy until now with the gain so far.
  • Genesis Vision (GVT): Looks like an interesting project and so i hold it for long here.
  • Qtum (QTUM): Solid good project in my opinion, long hold as well.
  • Enigma (ENG): Another of my favorite projects i believe in.
  • Ignition (IC): Risk & Test Investment here. I mine some, bought some to test their POS which seems to work really good actually. I got as well intriegued by the 5M max. supply. Not really a believer in the project so i consider it Test & Risk investment.
  • OmiseGO (OMG): Solid project in my opinion
  • Waves (WAVES): Not sure if i will hold these longer, eventually selling them if a good opportunity comes…
  • Walton (WTC): I see some potential with this project as well as testing it’s POS and Mining from the wallet.
  • Bytom (BTM): As i mine it anyway i’am holding this one, but i like the project as well.
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC): One of the first coins i got my hands on and just still holding, don’t ask me why, lol.
  • Nano (NANO): I like the project and after the bitgrail hack their was the opportunity to buy them cheap.
  • Lisk (LSK): Bought recently to test their POS, i thought it has some potential as well, but don’t think so anymore. Waitinf for opportunity to sell them. Worst POS i encountered so far.
  • WanChain (WAN): I see potential here.
  • Augur (REP): Still thinking about this one if i should hold it long or more short.
  • Icon (ICX): Another project i think that could have a bright future.
  • Havven (HAV): I put some hope into this project and team, we will see…
  • Cindicator (CND): Holding this for mid time, but more than happy with this one as i bought it really cheap than back.
  • ChainLink (LINK): I’am a strong believer in this project as i think chain connectivity is one of the major issues that must be solved.
  • Asch (XAS): Not more sure if this was a good investment, looking for a good opportunity to sell these.
  • Iotex (IOTX): Bought this one on pure feeling and emotions while it was in the beginning of an uptrend, lol.
  • Modum (MOD): Another project i like. Mostly because the team works hard and silently without much hype.
  • Kickcoin (KICK): I have seen some real life platforms like this that are successfull, i wonder if this one on blockchain could have the same success. Risk investment for sure…
  • Iexec (RLC): I hold this one for really long by now.
  • Bitblocks (BKK): This one needs a bit of explaination. First of all i searched for a very new coin. Second i searched for a Hybrid coin that has POS as well. Third i look for a cheap coin and forth a coin i can mine myself and last a coin below Max supply 1B. I found this one and begun my testing/mining on it to get fast a bigger stake on it from beginning to see how POS is working in such case when someone is onto the project from nearly very beginning. It could turn out a total shitcoin, but doesn’t matter to me as it’s more an experiment with it, but it can actually have a chance. The POS is working like clockwork. Still increasing my stake here to see how it affects the POS rewards.
  • Linda (LINDA): Risk Mining. I mine this one from time to time just for speculation as it’s a real cheap one. Seriously, no big awaitings here, but the chance that such low price changes might make it worth at some time. Holding only until sale opportunity.
  • Stratis (STRAT): One of my first coins i bought, lol. Just still holding it, mostly a wrong decision, we will see.
  • Lympo (LYMP): Holding them for mid range, but interesting project, we will see how it works out.
  • Bluzelle (BLZ): Believer in this project as well. Long hold for now.
  • Game Credits (GAME/GMC): I like the idea behind it and it actually works. I think it’s the perfect coin for gamers. Mineable in the wallet with GPU/CPU with good return and Asic mineable on Scrypt as well. Long hold for me so far.
  • Iht (IHT): I wanted some real estate projects/platforms in my portfolio as well, so this is one of them.
  • Aphelion (APH): Risk investment in a new project
  • Cashaa (CSA): I like the project and i was able to buy these on lowest level. Very happy with them so far even it’s a new relativly new asset in my portfolio.
  • Florin Coin (FLO): One of my oldest and first coins, just holding it as i’am used to see it in my portfolio, lol.
  • Simple Token (OST): One of the coins i admit i don’t know what to do, hold, sell, wait.?!?!
  • U Network (UUU): Bought these really cheap and i like the project. Risk Investment.
  • Rentberry (BERRY): The 2nd real estates related coin i have in my portfolio and i like the project, long hold.
  • Blockmason (BCPT): Pure risk investment
  • Banca (BANCA): Risk investment, bought them very cheap but i think it has a lot of potential …
  • Eidoo (EDO): One of the coins i regret to be honest. No idea why i’am still holding it.
  • Binancecoin (BNB): I’am a fan of the Binance exchange and it’s the one i trade and like most. Keeping them for lower trade fees and because i think Binance has a bright future.
  • Pascalcoin (PASC): Coin i mine, waiting for opportunity to sell. Nothing good here, seriously.
  • Powerledger (POWR): One of my first coins i bought based on media and not on own researches…
  • Mooncoin (MOON): Mega cheap mass coin. I can’t see any real future for it, but it’s easy to mine in masses and with the mega cheap price there will some pump for sure, lol. Just experimenting here to wait for pump.
  • Bytecoin (BTN): Just a coin i mine, but holding it as max supply is nearly reached to see what happen than.
  • District0x (DNT): Another coin i’am unsure what to do, for now i just hold it.
  • Maecenas (ART): I like the idea behind, combing art and blockchain, but risk investment.
  • Syndicate (SYNX): One of the coins i still think that can raise.
  • INS (INS): Bought and hold this one due the companies behind it and the niche it is in.
  • White Coin (XWC): bought in in the very beginning, very happy with this hold and still holding it.
  • Delta (DLT): Long hold as i believe that legally binding smartcontracts have its future.
  • Verge (XVG): Sold everything at top of the pornhub deal, but mining it as difficutly drops often due the ongoing attacks and just easy to build up a new stake again. Not that i believe in that coin, but it has a huge community… I personally have 0 faith into it, but … crypto isn’t allways about logic, so just builing up a new stake again.
  • Shield (XSH): Mining sometimes and holding it, could be a promising other privacy coin.
  • Swissborg (CHSB): Mostly a total fail investement, but as the price is that low i have no other option than holding it, lol. Another coin i listened to close friends. This and the B2X coin learned me NEVER to follow others but always do personal deep researches bevor investing in whatever coin/project.
  • Artbyte (ABY): Risk holdings, i get some every day from mining and i like the project and still very cheap, so just holding them.
  • Lbry Credit (LBRY): Interestin working Youtube like platform and as i mine it anyway, keeping them for for mid holding.
  • PhantomX (PNX): Pure speculation coin i mined on low difficutly. Short time waiting for a pump :-))

That’s my diversity portfolio, time will show where my bet was right and where wrong…

Seems you are a pure Bitcoin believer not having any faith in any altcoin?!

Actually, zcash is an improvement over Bitcoin.

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Many coins are an improvement over Bitcoin and i myself i’am not a Bitcoin lover, but i hold the biggest share on Bitcoin as long as it’s the leading coin, just following logic and common sense.

Nice Porto Boxalex,
A lot of coins I would like to add to my porto as well.
And I think it will happen in a couple of weeks, I give my last 2 Zcash rigs another 3 a 4 weeks and they will cost me to much to run. Then I will have them ??? No idea atm, but will find something.
Lots of white papers to read I guess hehehe
I let 1 1060 run on Zcash, just for the sake of the network :slight_smile:

Cool list of things. But do remember that this is in no way distributed risk - it’s still concentrated risk.

I see it as distributed under altcoins, of course if Bitcoin fails everything fails…