PPS 5% PPLNS 0% payment method ---ANTPOOL

Bitmain.com subordinate products antminer antpool
You can register an account or use Anonymous (your Zcash Wallet address)
Anonymous is supported

Payment method:
Once a day
PPLNS Charges 0%
Assign to you alter Antpool found a new block and the new block confirmations more than 3 (Transaction fees not paid out to miners for maintaining cost and the bonus for our engineers)
Earnings = Block Reward * Your share count in 2.5 difficulty cycle / Total share count in 2.5 difficulty cycle

PPS Fee 5%
Earnings = Block Reward * Share Count of 1 Difficulty / Current Network Difficulty

The Stratum protocol configuration:
Stratum address:

Zcash Mining:

Download a miner :
genoil.exe -c stratum-zec.antpool.com:8899 -u UserID.WorkerID -p z -i 20 -P 0
nheqminer Acard,Ncard,CPU:
CPU: nheqminer -l stratum-zec.antpool.com:8899 -u UserID.WorkerID -p x
A card: nheqminer -l stratum-zec.antpool.com:8899 -u UserID.WorkerID -p x -od 0,1,2,3,4,5 -t 0
N card: nheqminer -l stratum-zec.antpool.com:8899 -u UserID.WorkerID -p x -cd 0,1,2,3,4,5 -t 0
A card: -zwal Address.WorkerID
Query earnings: ANTPOOL - 先进的比特币矿池 | ANTPOOL
Configure your miner:
Settings for Stratum (recommended):
STRATUM: stratum+tcp://stratum-zec.antpool.com:8899
Username: UserID.WorkerID
Password: 123

Anonymous user name: your Zcash Wallet address
User name: UserID.WorkerID (sub account number of miners in which the miners are in English letters or digits,WorkerID randomly named as the English alphabet or numbers)
Password: Free for example x

I wish you all happy to dig

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I’m trying to use your Antpool but it’s not compatible with nicehash, initial diff is too low

Please make it compatible, thanks

but payments how they work, in btc or zec?

In the settings, I only found the btc address!

It works good but crazy ping for USA


click on the top-left bank to switch coin types,
Coin Type Switched :Zcash

Bitcoin Wallet is that they were wrong,Fill in the zcash address

Willing to help but unable to do so

thank you so much :wink:

@write antpool is down ?
anyone is mining at antpool?

payment once a day? that sucks.

payment is in zec, or btc, adress btc is zec or btc

payment is daily 24 hours

ANT POOL IS UP Stratum address:

hi guys i need help. i currently having problem with antpool. i cant put my zcash wallet address there. it says they will send an email for address confirmation but i didnt recieve any email from them…

is there anyone know what the problem is?

im using jaxx zcash wallet

really appreciate it.