Practical and inspiring leadership!

Now that @joshs is the new CEO of the ECC, we have the practical and inspiring leadership that Zcash needs to make it something that ordinary people rely on every day.

A free world needs privacy enabled and secure digital cash. And while @zooko did an amazing job starting this project and developing Zcash I’m sure he agrees that we need a fresh and renewed perspective to take this project to the next level.

Josh has the energy, intelligence and charisma to make Zcash a household name and a valuable tool used by people everywhere. He has a solid vision and a practical plan to make this happen. But here’s the bad news; Josh’s plan (and probably Zcash itself) is going to fail without the good faith and energetic support of the Zcash community.

Zcash is more than just the ECC, so it’s time for a change at the Zcash Foundation as well. Thanks for your dedication and hard work @Dodger but have you thought about stepping aside to make way for a fresh perspective?

The stakes are too high to stay the course. Let’s start 2024 with a brand new leadership team and renewed hopes for economic freedom around the world.


we definitely need a major change throughout the zcash ecosystem particularly ZCG as well and to eliminate (put on hold at a minimum) the sustainability fund until Zcash is on solid footing and the fee structure is more clear. I understand it’s supposed to get community involved. but it’s really effectively a grift (unfortunately) where many if not most people at ZCG don’t appear to have any expertise in the underlying technology, or business models such as a) payment rails b) payment platforms, c) banking, d) retail POS systems e) retailer needs to name a few. they in many cases diverting money to their own zcash funded projects or friends or related parties.

We need product experts who really understand money, stablecoins and currency as well as the requisite TPS and scaling requirements needed by the core blockchain to even work as an end user payment gateway. Not to mention retailers need for stability.

We need to disband ZCG as it exists and have a minimum standard of technical and business expertise. the ZCG function should just be done by the foundation (not voted in by the community); we rely on the foundation to make the thoughtful appointments for the role of allocating grant money. let’s face it. this is highly technical outside the expertise of most people there are on ZCG and or community members voting. we need very focused and thoughtful expert /product driven decision making. otherwise our money gets wasted on dead end projects. it’s time to reset.

with the right governance and vision, zcash can recover. hopefully this opportunity can be a positive catalyst to change the direction of zcash towards a broad array of smart privacey based money and currencies.


What’s wrong with @Dodger , aside from being rough around the edges? Is he not doing a good job?

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i feel its same as wif Zooko giving a chance to other person its time ZF had a new leader wif different perspective and whos open to explore more and doesnt use anti-privacy tools (like Zoom) for privacy project instead of Zcash own funded projects (like free2z)

also do we need Zcon to be dat big, fancy and expensive event(500k (over 100k ZEC) aka 10% of ZF yearly budget)

  • or maybe less fancy but still cool yearly event wud be better option in times were every ZEC is valued

id like to see maybe Alex from ZF step up if he feels he could handle it.


If I believed that the Zcash Foundation or the mission of Zcash would be best served by me stepping aside, I would do so without hesitation.

I don’t do this job out of self-interest. I took it because I believed that the best way I could serve Zcash and the broader cause of financial privacy was by joining ZF to help it deal with the challenges it was facing (and continues to face).

I am constantly on the lookout for my successor. If I found someone who I believed would do a better job of leading ZF than I can, and who would accept the job, I would immediately introduce them to the ZF board as a potential replacement, and I would do whatever I could to help them be successful.


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