Price-performance comparison chart

I think such a chart would be nice for everyone new to ZEC as a starting point of h/w efficiency evaluation. There are a few benchmark charts I’ve seen but in this topic I’d suggest u to share your personal to 1 H/s rate. Taking into account that some of you have real hardware be it GPU or CPU while others rent dedicated servers or mining powers (like genesis-mining), I'd use following data for the chart: total cost of h/w or renting cost in per year to H/s.
for example, if I own a rig of 6 RX480 which cost $350/each in my country + the rest of h/w needed which can cost me about $1000 in total and it gives me 150h/s then my record would be
$3100 = 150 H/s or $20 per 1H/s
Genesis-mining, for example, would be
$2600 = 60 H/s or $43.3 per 1 H/s

Ok, that was just an example. My real rate is
$2400 = 120 H/s or $20 per 1 H/s