Hashrate and Solrate

Hi everybody,
I just started mining and my solrate is 19.68 sol/s.
I was getting a little confused as I am quite a noob,
What is the formula of changing this to H/s?
Or is Sol/s = Hash/s…


Sol/s == H/s so they are the same

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I see…
I read that elsewhere but it didn’t really make any sense that my gaming rig mining with both CPU and GPU would mine at a rate of 35 H/s ±3,
But both Genesis Mining and Zeropond 1 year Zcash mining contracts were sold out, when they were selling at a price of around <43$ per H/s…
To get 35H/s that would cost around 1500$, it just didn’t make any sense cause my gaming rig only costed me around 750$ to build.
Even considering electricity cost this was kind of outrageous.

Depending on your electrical cost, that plays a huge role in how much they charge you. You would be surprised how much it will increase your bill. I have 3 rigs setup. One with 140mh/s, one with 89mh/s and one with 60 mh/s. My bill went from 120 to 450 this past month. Cannot put just the wattage of your miner in the equation, you need to consider your AC running alot more as well(for me at least).