18.0000 H/s - is that a lot? Answers appreciated!

Hi everyone!

I’m very new here, and only found out about Zcash a few days ago.

I’ve tried to understand everything to the best of my ability and have invested some money into Cloud Mining, as it seems like the most fitting option for me. I understand this could be considered stupid by many of you.

Based on reading through the forum, it seems this will either be a very foolish or very profitable investment. I’m willing to take the risk. I have two contracts. A small one with Toomim Bros, which I imagine I will loose money on like everyone else. I also have a larger contract with Genesis Mining for 18.0000 H/s.

My question is incredibly basic (play nice), but is as follows:

Is 18.0000 H/s a lot? I understand it could be considerably higher, but am I likely to mine a decent amount of ZEC?

Mining is completely foreign to me. I have only ever bought and sold BTC/ETH through exchanges. I love the excitement surrounding this project, but it would be good to know if I stand any chance.

Any simple answers are very welcome.


18H/s is a mid range i5 CPU or a high end laptop CPU
Mid range Nvidia GPUs do around that aswell

Thanks for the answer.

Just to elaborate though, would that be considered enough to mine a decent amount of ZEC over the first month, or is that completely unknown?

I highly doubt it. It all depends what % of the network 18H/s is on launch.

How much is a decent amount? If the speculative price keeps skyrocketing then maybe even 0.1 ZEC will be profitable based on how much you invested.

Great question, and hard to answer, since you’re right in that the smallest amount may be worth a lot. I guess all I can do is wait. I have around ~$900 invested in mining.

Correct just wait. Looking at testnet difficulty 18h/s is a very small amount and will probably be 50-100 times less coins on mainnet launch.

Maybe if you put more zeroes after the decimal point it will be enough ^^ (e.g. 18.00000000000 H/s).
And why do you consider this a “larger contract”? I will mine with around 180 H/s (10x) and don’t think it will get me anywhere as the hashrate is going to be insane with all this interest around zcash.

When I said ‘larger contract’, I was referring to the higher H/s and the amount of money I spent.

I realise I didn’t have to add a bunch of zeroes. I copied it directly from my dashboard.

Anyway, I will pretty much be waiting to see what happens from here.