Price Speculation

I don’t understand… is it not feasible to use us flypool anymore? I thought that even though the shares are lower u are getting them more often to supplement that lowering?

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There is no way you are experiencing MORE shares… the difficulty has gone up by over 2million in 24 hours… I have ran both eu1 and us1 flypool… they are actually both running very close to the same… I have 4200 Sol/s running… I am not getting the shares I should be… this is for certain! On neither pool! I would hope a ZCASH REP would speak about this subject!

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The difficulty level needs to be reset… and ASAP

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Give it time for things to even out. This difficulty is going to drive the miners to other altcoins. I would wait and see what happens after the news about Bithumb. When the price dropped into the 180s it scared off a lot of miners. I had a immature balance of .03 and now with the current difficulty I am at .02.


thru not any more that has been in the morning during the share drop on EU now it is like before if i would be in US i would switch the server :smile: US one is crazy
btw you realized that the stats changed and you geting the actual info every 8-10 min no 15-20 min like before due to this where has rate in graph decreased to half a lot of people compleined so now is the has,rate graph normalized to serv. diff 1000

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I literally don’t understand what you’re saying.

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My Immature Balance is now HALF its usual amount! so Its really Messed Up Right now and needs to be fixed asap!


The Difficulty Level needs to be dropped by AT LEAST 1.5 Million! ASAP

well that is ok because the speed when its going to be changed to unpaid balance has increased what cares if you in the end mine less then before i dont real care how it will be displayed until my earn wont go down but yes it is messed up and confusing as hell

I don’t think you understand the basic concepts of how proof of work block chains work. Lowering difficulty arbitrarily is not possible. The difficulty adjusts to the network hash power to maintain an average block time. Your temporarily lowering profits is actually correct, normal, and to be expected if you know anything about POW mining.


Yes but this was an artificial (some would say some insider trading occurred) but this definitely is not a natural swing in Difficulty… so… if the difficulty has spiked this high… making GPU mining obsolete… then they need to switch to PoS and allow ASICS to take over! Because if 1080tis are not able to make a dent in the difficulty… then its a SERIOUS issue!

Just to help explain, the difficulty is not arbitrarily set. The ZEC team cannot help you. More people are mining ZEC and the difficulty has adjusted.

On the other hand, you would have to be paying through the nose for electricity for mining to be unprofitable right now.


i hope that even the prize will drop at least for 3-4 days so the hash rate will decrease as it starts to be low profitable for someones :smiley:

400 USD a month for electricity 4200 sol/s is only making 450 USD per month due to this Difficulty SPIKE

Please do some research. You’re off on a tangent demanding things that are nearly impossible and or don’t have any place here. First off, the Zcash team cannot just simply change difficulty on a whim. It’s not a switch that can be turned on or off or reset. Second, ZEC mining is inherently resistant to ASICS. If you want to mine with such devices, you’re in the wrong place.

Perhaps ZEC mining isn’t for you.


It was your decision to mine with such high electricity costs. Your bad decisions are not anyone’s problem but your own.

Ah hell Joined 2 hours ago. IMO this is just a troll. flag his posts and move on.

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No one is trolling here… and the fact you took my comments so personally is a real clue as to your Personal Values and Respect for others and things they say! I never insulted anyone here… why is it acceptable for you to act like this? Look in the mirror kids, and learn to show a bit more respect than this nonsense you just spouted!

@RickGrimeZz What is your kW-hr cost such that you’re racking up a 400$ electricity bill for a mining rig that produces 4200 sol/s ? Perhaps if you elaborate on your setup, (GPUs, cooling methods employed) maybe we can help you optimize your setup a bit (if you want)…in the Mining section.

Please stop derailing the discussion in this thread with ignorant, self-absorbed, panic-derived posts. Zcash doesn’t live to serve you (or me, or anyone else).