Price Speculation

iam really curious how make these predictions not that i don believe but nor really understanding this analysis stuff …btw do you have some web page posting it i would definitely subscribe it

Wave III ( of Cycle II )

Is a POWERFUL wave… just look at that

Target : $320 before pullback



Be sure to charge your phone before we hit 400.


Wave III is Strong !



is there anything besides this elliot cycle, that explains this rise? or could it be yesterdays wikileaks news has its effect?

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@carlosabia I’ve exchanged my ETH to ZEC with a 64,5$ difference like 1 hour before the KABOOM :stuck_out_tongue:


Even after a few years this market amazes me (not only ZEC market, the crypto in general).

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So Far, So Good.

Quick Survey.

Will You :

À) Sell at 320 - 330 and Buy again at 260- 265
( Ride Wave 3 and 4 )

B) Sell at 479 - 490 ( End of Wave 5 avoiding ABC correction )

C) HODL forever


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I want to play securely so I’ll probably sell at 320 - 330 and buy again at 260 - 265

HODL forever baby :sunglasses:

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both - hold what i mine, sell what i just bought at a nice price, then buy back in again

Proving @TheSchramm analyses:


Right that order. Perfect.

It’s possible but doubt it’s WL news or it would have pumped right after the announcement like it did with JP Morgan. Fact is that Zcash is still a bargain. That it’s #17 on coinmarketcap shall be enough to discard the efficient-market hypothesis.

Haha nice. I should’ve pulled the trigger. It’s at $55 difference right now and am considering exchanging it all :confused:


I think we need more volume for zcash. I notice zcash volume has been almost consistently above monaro and below dash. But I notice today zcash volume is higher than dash. So I think we need more people, more small banks, more big banks( JP morgan etc etc) to use more and more zcash then $1000/zcash is fair even cheap.

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\o/ yisss moar volume!! our volume has been consistently (roughly) double XMR’s, but we’re usually close to dash… but today/yesterday we’ve really started to clearly beat dash! this continues, we’ll be looking pretty, very fast

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looking very nice right now but does not matter because it’s a roller coaster. Gotta ride it out


Agree Kek. I wish zcash volume is not only above Dash but I hope it would also surpass Litecoin one day. I wouldn’t expect too much to surpass ETH or BTC as they are too powerful because they are used as a gateway of many cryptos.

LTC/ETC, etc …have lot more time under their belts. unsure any of them had the volume we have in their first year. certainly not even close in regards to exchange rate. we’ll be up there with them by next year, imo