ZCash Future Price Discussion

Hello Guys,

I think all of us have been wondering about the price of ZCash at the beginning, after 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 YR and so on…

So I just wanted to start this thread to hear all your opinions on the price of ZCash. It would also be great if you guys could write down why you guys think the price will be X.

  • Price at Opening:

  • 1month Price Target:

  • 3months Price Target:

  • 6months Price Target:

  • 1Yr Price Target:

Opening - $90

1mo - $40

3mo - $15

6mo - $60

12mo - $200

24mo - $389

Bit more bearish:

Opening - $70

1mo - $50

3mo - $30

6mo - $20

12mo - $10

24mo - $20

You guys really think that the coin is goign to open at $70 a piece? Is that because of the hype or there is value behind it. Like I understand the value of the technology but at that point there is no infrastructure behind the coin.

Also do you guys think that by mining the coin at the beginning would be a way to make a quick profit?

Yes, because many people want to jump on the band wagon and there aren’t many coins up for sale. Most likely things will calm down as more coins are mined and hit the market.

Monero was like 30c-$1 until it got a use case with the DNM adoption. Without anyone using the currency there is not much value IMHO.


Do you know how much H/s would be needed to mine lets say 1ZCash a day, using a cloud mining provider like Genesis-Mining?

Since we don’t know the difficulty it’s impossible to know. Also the 20% founders reward and slow start will greatly impact how much you get in the beginning.

Maybe it’ll start at $40 and then drop to match ethereum and monero quickly, about $10.

I estimate a $200 million dollar market cap within 24 months.

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It’s too much speculation for me to put figures to it (although certain futures / betting markets seem very optimistic about it). What I do expect is a big spike soon after the mainnet starts and possibly some smaller spikes following. On that topic, another interesting market event will be troughs…

It is optimistic, I agree.

This prediction looks like interesting.

Throwing numbers towards the moon is fun… Futures are bouncing around $80-100 per coin: https://www.bitmex.com/app/contract/ZECZ16

Awesome, awesome, awesome!, thank you very much.

24 hour volume is just 9 BTC so I wouldn’t get too excited just yet.

Opening: $100
1 month $50
3 months $25
6 months $12.50
12 months $6.25
24 months $3.125
48 months $1.5625


@asaseb: You are obviosly interested in zCash like the rest since you are on this forum. It has a lot of potential.
If you think that zCash can possibly have 10% of the Market Cap ethereum had after one year. Not at all unlikely with it being the first currency of it’s kind providing full privacy. Most likely it will surpass Ethereum. But say it reaches 1/10th of Ethereums MCap.

2 100 000 Coins will be created the first 4 years.
That is 525 000 coins the first year.

$100 000 000 Mcap / 525 000 coins => $190 Next year around this time.

The ZEC futures currently predict $100 end of december when the contracts run out. 2 months after launch.

My prediction is something more like:

Price at Opening: $150
1 month Price Target: $100
3 months Price Target: $50
6 months Price Target: $80
12 months Price Target: $150
24 months Price Target: $300
48 months Price Target: $500

I do see a $200 million market cap, but this won’t make anyone rich (except for the founding fathers) if it does not come down to $1-3 at some point in the coming months. Going from $100 to $600 isn’t very interesting. I would go ALL-IN is and only if I can get it at single digits… In case it doesn’t I will just wait for the Zcash clone without the founder’s tax.

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Sounds like you are interested in buying zCash. However you also invest and mine the currency which might give you a different price point.

It’s not a good guess, but it’s one of the best guesses we have.

The other guess is speculation based on the investor’s input into the Zcash company. Investors have put in $3 million total. Investors will receive 3.3% of the first 4 years of Zcash, and 1.65% overall. This puts a valuation of the Zcash company at $32 million (Investors own 16.4% of the Zcash company).

Math time. Investors get 3.3% of the first 10.5 million ZCash. 0.033 * 10,500,000 = 346,500 ZCash rewarded to investors.

They paid $3,000,000 / 346,500 = $8.65 / Zcash, approximately 10% of the ‘Futures’ price table posted above.

This is only one of many ways to calculate what investor’s paid. You could do it based off of the 2nd investor’s input of 2 million, or the first investor’s input of 1 million, or you do an average which I did above.

There is a lot of clarification and also corrections ITT: Founders should only receive 10% of the first halving and beyond

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