Zcash price speculation

Currently the zec/btc price is trading around 0.2 ($130) on bitmex, where do you see the price going after release?

It will be very interesting to see the effect of slow start and no pre mined coins on the perception of value.

The volume will be super low at first

If no coins are available yet, how are they priced already and on an exchange?

Sorry if it’s a noob question.

Futures trading

“How Futures Work
You are probably familiar with the concept of financial derivatives. A derivative is simply any financial instrument that “derives” its value from the price movement of another instrument. In other words, the price of the derivative is not a function of any inherent value, but rather of changes in the value of whatever instrument the derivative is tracking. For example, the value of a derivative linked to the S&P 500 is a function of price movements in the S&P 500.”

The current futures are speculation of the Zcash price in December (after launch)

180USD at start and then never looks back. But seriously I have no idea

Bitmex futures for zcash might as well be 3 month fart contracts. They stink - they’re based on nothing, there’s no spot, no history, nada. Nothing against zcash; rather, Btimex.

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Now that’s a cloud I don’t want to get involved with.

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this is not only trading, history, graphics, this is a project cryptocurrency. You can believe or disbelieve the project. Today view in the graphics and evolve the stock price of facebook or apple graphics, but when the project was born, who bet on them? who wanted to bet on an unknown and innovative company?
if the future price is so is because many people believe in the project, and this has caused others to speculate with it, the price goes up, down or merged, will depend on what happens in the coming months.

slowly but steadily down from that 130 thats for sure (if it even touches that after the 30th or so).
Miners gonna CREAM this coin, like they have been EVERY coin that’s mineable.
the only thing that can stop it is demand , theres what 7200 coins per day i believe? at current 130 price thats 930k that needs to be eaten DAILY to keep tht price. good luck
0.03 (maybe) then 0.01 within 30 days or less is my PREDICTION , after that, who knows? :slight_smile:


It does indeed look like we have hit bottom. I expect us to head upwards from here.


price back to few months ago…
oh my god… :frowning:
the most stable is Bitcoin…all other coins just a joke…

Why are you even here? If all other coins are a joke, stick to BTC. Why come shit all over the forums of other coins? You’ve been fairly negative here since you started posting. RIP here, RIP there…stop trolling.

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FUD…shaking out the weak hands…

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it’s okay we need more miners like that to get off the network


Double bottom or not?

This is the active price speculation thread current post :wink: Price Speculation