Predict where ZEC will stabilize

My opinion: by the end of the month at around 0.15 btc or $100/ZEC.
What is yours?


I think

Mabey £18

nobody will mine it at $25, unless there will be a fourfold difficulty decrease.

people are mining other coins at $0.5 a coin. Price has nothing to do with mining supply. Difficulty will adjust accordingly and the coin will find its balance where other alts are currently in the market. I can see ZEC anywhere between $10-$25 within 1 month.

I think it may dip very low below future stable in the next few weeks but then bounce back to stablize. One of the dangers of the scarcity driven price is that it looks like a bunch of people got in without understanding how temporary that price is. When they finally figure it out, things could get ugly as coverage pounces declaring Zcash a failure without understanding the drop has nothing to do with Zcash’s fundamental utility.

I predict an initial fall below $20/ZEC and a rebound above $50 to stablize. And since we’re making stuff up, I also predict Back to the Future’s super fast rehydrateable pizza will be invented June 5th, 2017 at 2:37am in a college town by someone nicknamed Cheddar who has a birthmark that will become the trademark for the pizza brand. Don’t let us down, Cheddar. The world waits with bated breath.


because cpu can give many sol/s then even most gpu will mine something else some will still mine zcash, so i would say it stabilize at 0.005 btc

It’s 2016. And some ppl still don’t know that total coins mined is irrelevant to total hashpower.

What is relevant is that due to “slow start” we will have huge coin income increase during this month

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And if a lot of people stops mining, the people who are still mining at that time can just have the profit. Provided the currency still holds some value.

it wont hold the same value and that comes with a guarentee

does that mean you predict it wont stabilize ?

I said if it holds some value, not same value. And anyway if network hash rate is low it doesn’t matter because break even will come down a lot for decreased difficulty.

Sure, but they get a full coin faster.
On ZEC you need a lot of Hardware and energy to get a full ZEC.
I can’t believe that someone will mine ZEC for 50 Cent for a full ZEC, if he can mine another coin with a much higher profitability.

For now, in my case, i get 10 Cent per day with one Testsystem (HP Microserver + R9 380x) on Mining ZEC and the Price is still by 240 Euro per ZEC. On Ether i’ll get with the same Hardware more than 1 Euro per day. Costs are included.
Okey, in my country the energycosts are very high - 0,22 Euro per kWh. In other country it is still more profitable.

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scam coin at this price

Real price when the block reward reaches 12.5 ZEC

Only true for coins with larger money supply and disbursal rate. Under $50 Zcash will be a pointless coin for years to come.

the real thing is if coin have any use, for now zec have no use, so noone will buy zec, because for what? So no matter how many willing mine and for what price, they will only sell and noone will need to buy, so price will drop … The real question would be how fast it will drop to 0

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You wrote down my thoughts exactly in your first paragraph. I can easily see it falling under $20 for some time. ETH fell very low for awhile after mining began too, as I remember mining it with just a few rigs and everyday contemplating on switching them over to something else or just turning them off. This is a typical pattern for new cryptocurrencies and if they can survive that initial lull period once the hype fades then they tend to do at least ok.

As far as the pizza part, once can only dream…


Botnet mining can dump the coins at practically any price.

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Almost below 100

20 bars of soap

Here are my predictions.

I think the profitability will drop below eth tomorrow, categorically. For some this is already true. And it will keep dropping.

I think the longest plateau will be at 0.04 BTC.

I think the bottom will be 0.01 BTC.

I think zcash will get its z address kinks out, but not at the first attempt, and this will have a modest impact on value.

I think an announcement about a big financial player will come in the early new year. And I think it will not affect value all that much, even though it seems like it should.

I think that an… ahem… valued online marketplace will start trading with lower fees for ZEC than BTC (on account of the fungibility problem) by February.

I think it will take four months to be ‘worth’ mining again.

And then I think it will rise in value after that, but so will the difficulty.

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