Price Speculation


Very interesting read about the current crash. Exactly my opinion. Most important: Demand is way less than supply…


Be careful. Speaking this way about kek and other zec propagandists is not welcomed on this forum.


So far counter trading kek proved to be best way to earn money.


people like yourself are looking for an exit. MM would be crazy to pump RN. much better to bleed y’all out.


MM RN… Can you speak English?


going to repost this. have repeatedly made this same post since joining the forum


you seem to have a misconception i’m your personal trader. you should sell all your zcash.


so, why are you mad if you’re making loot countertrading good ole kek?


All your posts look like you are being paid for them. I want like you to offence all those who doubt zec to the moon and be paid for this. Take me to your zec propaganda team ))) I’m not greedy. I can humiliate zec pessimists for tiny 100 bucks a week. So what? Whom to send resume?


don’t get paid by anybody for my posts. i enjoy the people on the forum so i post here. crumbsnatchers shouldn’t be mad at me. this is the ‘speculation thread’. need to look up the definition for ‘speculation’.


so far, my price targets pretty much hit on the nose in 2017. also accurately called the 2018 correction in 2017 (long before anybody else). didn’t expect ZEC to fall through certain levels this year, but i’m not the only one that felt like that. also, said 2019 would be a good year for zcash, so hang tight, or sell, because i don’t honestly care.


…and it seems like we’re starting to recover late in the year. weird!
did believe coinbase/sappling would’ve been enough to buck the trend, but was incorrect on that. i’m fairly confident in the 2019-2020 thing.


Lol, might I remind you of how many times you’ve probably screwed someone over by saying, if you are not buying this dip at 400$ you will regret it, then 300$, then 200$ then 120$, 60$ etc.

Of course no one is paying you, you post bunch of bullshit, which you then try to justify with your long holder statement. You can be long holder, but trade good and buy at lower price, I bet you are deep underwater, and will say anything but no one should believe a word you say, is what I am saying. People who listened to you have probably left crypto space by now with your good advice.

I personally bought zcash at 110$, I expected a good Coinbase bounce, which it didnt happen, but It wont be very hard for me to break even, but for people who listened to you from earlier it will.


keep crying …hopefully we don’t recover to +$100 until you’re gone.


I am not in a hurry to sell, I can live with it going to 0$. But many people you’ve fooled with your “experienced trader” advice probably have to sell underwater.


have 2 crumbsnatchers talking shit to me. you might need to look up the definition for “many people”. you’re more than free to offer better analysis.


After so many bad trade advice, I am surprised you dare to show face on price speculations. If I was a moderator, I would ban you from posting here. I don’t act like I know everything, you do.


keep crying! your tears are delicious!


Just to be clear, I am not saying dont buy Zcash now. Its very good price to buy in Zcash. Just dont listen to anything that @kek says.


I knew I could find the Christmas Spirit alive and well here in this thread today…