Price Speculation

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CEX is London based and they transfer GBP to my account via faster payments instantly.

CEX dont have GBP/ZEC pair. Are there any?

49$ and 28 on CMC :frowning:

chill. it can go even deeper in short term. dumb/gambling money are the fuel of this market, especially at current stage. zcash is out of scope for them now, and slight selling pressure persists. its normal. dca if you believe in its future, otherwise close tickers and come back in case of major events and/or in 2020.) would be better for mental health.

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Going by the historical data from Coin Market Cap, the future of Zcash looks somewhat bleak. Here is a comparison of Monero to Zcash on August 15 from 2017 to 2019.

Trading Zcash for USD looks pretty good compared to Monero in 2017.

Zcash still doing better than Monero in USD trade value in 2018.
This is a screenshot of Kraken taken at 5:45 PM EST August 15,2019. Zcash is 30.94 USD below what Monero is trading for. Zcash trades for 0.002993 less Bitcoin than Monero. Going by this pattern, the future of Zcash in 2020 does not look promising.

I got 13 coins of Zcash left in case of a serious pump but I am so happy that I sold off most of my holdings when this coin went Asic friendly. With the majority of the hashrate coming from Chinese miners who sell off as soon as they can and the current funding debacle that makes this coin look more like BitConnect than Bitcoin in regards to public perception, things are not looking bright for the future.

I wish those of you who held on to your coins the best of luck. Maybe this coin will rise again but I am not counting on it. Just out of curiosity, are Asic miners even profitable at current market price for people paying $0.10-$0.12 USD per kilowatt in electricity?


It seems to me that the official position of the fund and the company is lacking, for example, now at a price of $ 50, the current financing of the fund is in short supply (right?), Which will be reduced from what was planned for the possibility of continuing?
Under the current trend, the price will continue to decline, will the position be revised with respect to the unnecessary attraction of investors? I would be interested in this material for understanding the situation on the part of the company and the fund, so as not to come up with the situation itself. Is it possible? Which of the planned and how will it affect the situation in 2020, according to officials. An opinion about the future is not an effect on the price, as it seems to me and should not be limited to the rules.

funny thing is, and its one of the reasons why i’m here, i’m trying to figure out why everything goes extremely wrong with this one of the minority of useful and legit coins, comparatively to most already failed, dead or scammed away.) maybe its cursed? time will tell.)

Great pump is expected in next hours. I’ve sold 20 zec. Not able to hold this useless junk anymore :slight_smile: As I’m a trader looser, whenever I sell there is a pump. So be happy everyone :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that you have been forced to sell these holdings at a very bad time. Really a bad moment, you should have sold or part of it some weeks ago at $80-100 at least and today bought back your 20 ZEC, that would have given you some liquidity in your pocket and some extra bucks, but done is done i guess.
If you didn’t sell allready, wait a bit if possible, seriously. $50 is a terrible price to sell.

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I sold for BTC. And yes. Price is terrible. But… FAQ

alex… your medication is wearing off again :wink:

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I believe it can grow to 60 or even higher. But look at BTC-ZEC chart. This is total crap. I don’t see any movement there except steady price decline.

as for me, i’ll disclose my today zecbtc buys if things will go the way i anticipate. if no - who cares anyway.)

No, i have a bearish view for end of the year and that in BTC/ZEC. This doesn’t mean that i think it’s a good idea to sell at the lowest possible price right at the moment. This is against all trading hope, lol.

If there was really NO other option than i personally would have sold only a fraction to cover my needs temporary but would hold the rest in hope of a temporary wave at least.

However, i wasn’t aware he sold for BTC, thought USD, so the harm is indeed less and it isn’t the worst decision IF ZEC indeed goes down to 0.004-0.0045 until end of the year. But than again, even temporary i personally think there might be some spikes that could boost ZEC temporary back to 0.0055-0.0058 BTC, but that’s just my personal prediction. The current situation with the ongoing funding discussion makes it pretty hard to make good predictions.

Anyway, i’am never happy IF someone has to sell at lowest price, it never makes me feel good, no matter i see such scenarios coming. I’am not the gloating/spiteful person you might think i’am with my bearish predictions :wink:

All time low ZEC BTC today. 0.00477

Congrats, the first time someone else than me does the job announcing new all time lows…

I know this comment was meant as a harmless joke, but I ask that we avoid these kinds of jokes, because I can guarantee you that there are people here who do rely on medication for mental or emotional stability. In fact, I’m one of them: I take 225mg of venlafaxine every day. That drug saved my life, and I turn into a puddle of depression without it.

Personally, I’m not offended by jokes about people being off their meds — often they are funny. But it would have been a different story seven years ago, when I was trying to climb out of the hole, unsure that I could be a “real person” again. And there are others who have been basically fine for years, like myself, but who still feel hurt by jokes that make light of mental illness.

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