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The dev fund largely deals with “how the money is spent”. Its the “source of funding” that is the problem. An allocation of block rewards isn’t directly connected with success as measured in blockchain usage. It is based on largely selling hopes and dreams as its currently done. So if you get the price to go up, you get more money. But the money is spent on things that are not resulting in blockchain use. The orgs are appear to be funding political ambitions as opposed to economic. We need funding connected to transactions and blockchain use. Similar to how Ethereum charges, when a user transacts or interacts with the blockchain, they pay gas. There is a direct connection between users and blockchain interactions and funding directly to the ecosystem partners responsible for the respective interaction. As another example, if we thought of every L2 on the Ethereum blockchain as an “org” they also have a lot of orgs. But they are a market based structure. Every L2 on ethereurm isnt forced to beg for money from a centralized org. And by creating a market based system, Etheruem doesnt have to maintain everything in the L2 ecosystem, the L2 ecosystem partners maintain themseleves based on the usage which creates a gas fee to the ecosystem. The Zcash model is crushing, and not supportable (I or we cant be the first people to have mentioned this to you). So the structure itself is the problem, this is why you have so many people trying to create orgs based on politics and not real world use cases. In contrast, Ethereum is focused on real world use cases, funding is raised from third parties, and developers build on the Etheruem blockchain to get gas with no middlemen.

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By the way, I respect and agree with the spirit and much of what you have to say here, which is in part why I agreed to come back to ECC. Another perspective is that much of what you say is also true of Bitcoin, which I maintain has been compromised and mired in agendas antithetical to its intended purpose.

I’m not a defeatist, and I deeply believe in this project, but I agree that we need substantive change. Thank you for speaking up with conviction.


We all hope to get rich with Zcash, especially since it is a cryptocurrency with a lot of potential. I understand the frustration of years passing and the value of zcash remaining low.

I believe that Zcash was ahead of its time, because most people are not concerned about privacy, people see cryptocurrencies as an equity, stock, people don’t use it to buy goods, just to speculate, make a profit and then convert to fiat currency.

I believe that there are indeed many things that Zcash and partner companies (ECC, the community and the like) need to improve, I also believe that everyone is striving to improve and evolve, but we, on the other end, as investors and enthusiasts, speculators or Whatever it is, we don’t notice the efforts and we are even more frustrated to see a currency as complex as Zcash not being able to increase its market value.

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I understand the frustration, certainly many are in similar or even worse situations, with a huge volume of devalued currencies, avoiding selling to avoid losses, keeping the currencies with the hope of appreciation, an appreciation that seems like it will never happen, I know that many They think that if they had bought another currency they would be in a more comfortable situation.

I believe in Zcash, one day we will look back and laugh at this moment of difficulty, we will be able to achieve our goals, while many will give up before the time of victory.

i still buy ZEC. BTC is not what bitcoin used to be. AT ALL. I really only appear as a detractor because my criticism applies to the governance mechanism, which i thought would have been abandoned last time around. i dont know if i would have anything to say ever if there were no formal governance.

i watched the ethereum zk thing they held in greece. from what they talk about i feel like zcash is still a decade ahead. the heavy lifting core people in zcash have done is fantastic. the marketcap of zec of $3-500M has remained steady with new issuance being sold down during the hype eras. (we could be in bitcoin’s 2015 era going into 3rd halving)

im optimistic. just dont want to see any shenanigans!


Feels like we’re at the bottom. Zcash is early to the game and the benefit of privacy is that once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Vitalik mentioning the exact suggestion @joshs made over 20days ago means one of three things:

  1. Vitalik and Josh are homies and have late night chats
  2. Vitalik is an active reader of Zcash forums
  3. Pure coincidence

All options are bullish, but I think #2 is most likely.

It is just a matter of time. People with their wealth in crypto know the holy grail is privacy. Private SoV is the primary use case. Private transactions come after.


Could Zcash be the Japan of the 2024-2025 crypto bull market?

You’ll have to listen to this podcast and decide for yourself

My suggestion, it seems that Zcash has put itself into a cross-holdings situation similar to that of Japanese companies in the past few decades

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We’re being mugged. This project is starting to feel like a dry lunch for ZEC holders. Moving forward we need to:


It’s called a DEV FUND. ‘DEV’ for DEVELOPMENT. ‘FUND’ for ‘FUND’.

Funding anything other than DEVELOPMENT equates to FALSE ADVERTISING/DECEPTIVE LABELLING. How naive are we, the proof is in the pudding, we’ve probably spent in the region of 100 MILLION DOLLARS and ZEC is at an all time low. Development aside, you would have been better off distributing the rest among the community. Thats cypherpunk like/Satoshi like.

If this doesn’t change by the next dev fund proposal I swear I’m out.


Will Bitcoin stabilize and give way to other cryptocurrencies?

@joshs brought up a really interesting concept regarding the dev fund a few weeks ago. I believe it got lost in the rest of the thread and most didn’t pick up on it. But boyyyy it’ll certainly get the needle moving and eliminate all complacency


seeing some buying.

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yes btc got hijack
zcash community have to prevent zcash from being hijack

price will rise when people use it as medium of exchange z-2-z only

zcash need to be a z-2-z only coin

Hello. I lost 6 milions dollars in crypto, but made some return worh long leverage Zex from 20 till 33… And I’m hier 3 months reading this forum, today have login first time… my word is Zec is yhe most behind all coins, in trading everything go up when is down… I think we can get x3 mininum candle whem it gets but nobody know when… I bought spot now on 23 big amount, I work with reach people investors all have over 1000 zec, in my country… maybe it can go till 14… but will come up it is not possible 8 years down… Gresthings… onlu worst is it looks like price is locked? Someone is trading with big bots… all is fixed…

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This post means that bottom is in. - TheRise

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Positive thinking, I believe this time it will exceed 30 dollars.