Prize prediction of graphic cards & mining rigs for the next few month and years

How will the market develop?

What do you think.

PS.: Especially RIGs with some Sapphire R9 390 Nitro x and just the card :wink:

As the Radeon RX400/500 series will face some problems with ethereum (due to the growing DAG size), they will drop in their hashrates and value pretty fast. Furthermore RX Vega will be available by that time, so less demand for the 400/500 series.

And in conjunction with the recent price drop in the market a lot of semi-hobby miners will lose their nerves and try to sell of their rigs. Bet one can pick up 1070 mining rigs in a month or so for a bargain..

With Bitcoin beeing the key-currency in the crypto currency market, one should observe the following weeks carefully, as a fork of bitcoin may cause some turbulences in them market!

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i think IF Zec below 50$.. alot of miner will be wipe out .. THEN time to accumulate..

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us which are very interesting!

So, do you think the r9 390 nitros could maintain or even increase in value because of the DAG crisis (despite enormous electricity costs)?

Hello AL!

Do you mean then its time to accumulate ZEC or mining RIGs?

buy ZCash Coin
and buy second graphic card from Frustrating miners , buy at very cheap prices

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:construction_worker: :+1:

Or buy stones from my garden. There is no answer for that kind of question. But in my opinion it will drop another 50-70% within a month...

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Hello lukrom,

how much do you want for what for a kind of stone?

And do you think they are going to double or triple their value after dropping/throwing?

I look forward to your kind reply

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I agree with lukrom in the sense that ZEC price will drop more. Not 50% though, I believe 0.05BTC price is the floor. In terms of dollars though, it depends on BTC price and a BTC further drop could certainly put ZEC at $50 range.

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These situations will be what they are independent of what prediction is. The question that has more value to me is, At what value will you look to add used graphics cards, mining computers, coins or something else. It would be interesting to get a pulse on what people are seeing as being the right price to expand or to shut down. Make a plan and then seek to stick to it until data tells you to do otherwise.

All of this selloff and volatility will likely be decided in the next few days with Bitcoin. Most likely, we won't have to wait until Aug 1st to find the answer either. We have already missed the 95% adoption rate BIP 148 option (as even at 100% for the remainder of the time period, we couldn't get to 95%). Now we will see if the 80% adoption BIP 91 option is moving towards success. We should know in the next few days.

Also, to answer my own question, I am still scaling up my mining capabilities. I believe that volatility is a good thing as it shakes out some of the speculators who drove the price up too high in the first place. I believe in digital currencies and coin apps. They just make good sense and solve so many issues that people have sought solutions to. I am in this for the long haul. Declines just offer an opportunity to acquire for under my (perceived) long term value. If we start to see used 1070s appear on the secondary market in the low $300s, I would likely be a buyer. I would need to see prices for 1080 tis in the low $500s before I would buy those. I am leaning towards the 1080 tis at this point because I all of my research is pointing to more onboard memory (11gb) providing a longer useful life for mining.

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at least here in brazil a lot of people are running to the hills...for me, and a lot of experts on sites everything will be over after august. anyway, i'm always thinking about mining like investment. is like i always say to my friends, if you have the way to mine, go ahead. theres no bettter way to make some money and keep with your investment, indedepent from the roi.

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