Probability of or time to find a block with 32ksols/s

How would I go about finding the probability of finding a block in 4 days with 32k sol/s?

I found this post on finding out for bitcoin:

difficulty (d) = 43160562 Sol/s
your hash rate (s) = 235
block time (b) = 2 minutes

( 1/s/d * b ) / 60 = # of hours to find a block

P(b) = s/d = 235/43160562 = 0.00000544478545
1/0.00000544478545 = 183661.965964 blocks
183661.96596415015765 * 2 = 367323.931928 / 60 = 6122.06 hours or 255 days.
Would the same logic apply to zcash?
These would be the zcash stats today…
d= 6,517,000
s= 32,000
b= 2.5 minutes(edited)

If I do the same math applied to Zcash I get 8.4 hours a block with 32,000 sols/s
does that sound right?

And does finding a block mean getting the payout or is there such as mining empty blocks?..

network rate is 350M now, if you have 32K then it’s 1/11000 of network total, so you will find around 1 of 11000 blocks.

there are 24 blocks per hour, so you will get one block in about 19 days but actually more since difficulty is constantly increasing.

Thank you for your response. And finding a block means getting the block reward right? You can’t mine an empty block or something? I can afford that hashpower for 4 days so is there a very good chance of finding a real block?

block means reward and transaction fees, yes.

4 of 19 is 20% chance, i’d say it’s too low and go with a pool which is much more predictable.

are you sure it’s 32K and not just 32?